Many jewellery buyers will walk into the store and may feel overwhelmed by all the choice surrounding them. They want a mysterious "something" but they don't know what that something should be. And so it is our job to guide them with useful questions, deploy our experience and make suggestions. With over 70 year’s experience, we’re quite good at it actually and have won national and regional awards! So good that we have a special service called Concierge Jewellery and Watch Service.


Is Our Concierge Service for You?


If you need a beautiful jewellery but maybe not enough time or patience to sort through our magnificent displays at Jacobs the Jewellers, then our concierge service is for you: we’re your expert and personal shopping assistant! Typically our concierge level service is used either in-store or in advance of a visit, via the phone or email. 


What Can an Expert Shopping Assistant Do for You?


First of all, the expert assistant is a trusted member of our Jacobs team, well-versed on jewellery and watches, and the perfect person to suggest pieces for you and refine your thinking. Second, while your contact is an expert, they don’t possess psychic powers, so they will have great questions to ask you to help find that perfect piece. Let's say you are buying an anniversary gift for your wife. Your expert shopping assistant will look at your brief and then email pictures of possible items to suit.


Are you limited to only the pictures your assistant sends you? Of course not. If nothing in that selection seems quite right, then you simply email back or call us, explain a little more of what you are looking for, and your personal assistant will quickly get back on the job. He or she will provide you with another expertly-picked selection. You are never committed to buying, indeed we can often source items from our trusted suppliers to borrow to show you, on approval with no commitment. 


However, should you find the perfect anniversary gift from among the hand-picked pieces that were presented to you, then you let your assistant know, and the purchase will be made with gift wrapping available too. You can collect in store or we can often deliver so that when it’s presented, you take all the credit for choosing such an exquisite gift.


Can You Use Our Concierge Service in the Store?


Absolutely. We offer the one-on-one personal shopping assistant service to those who would like a smaller selection to look at. It does not take long for our experts to compile an assortment of jewellery that may suit you. We work with you to find the best choice in the store or remotely.


Experience a One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experience at Jacobs the Jewellers


An excellent concierge service consists of these fine qualities:


Personal shopping assistance


This is one-on-one help in finding the perfect watch or piece of jewellery. Although we cannot lend our team member to help you make all your shopping decisions, we are pleased to offer him or her to you for the entirety of your time at Jacobs the Jewellers!


Friendly and courteous help


We hope we’ll make you feel welcome. You are a valued customer, and we want you to love our jewellery and our store as much as we do.


Quick and efficient service


An email or a phone call will do the trick. We'll get right on it, so you can get on with your busy life.


Expert knowledge of all the jewellery and watches available


There are many, many amazing pieces to choose from. All of our concierge experts are well-trained in the fine points of our collections. Whether you already have some knowledge of what you want, or you are a novice, we will lend our extensive experience and knowledge to you for your purchase.


Tactful recommendations


You don't want us to make the absolute final decision for you, but we are able to guide your choices toward something we think you'll enjoy.


Feel like royalty


Even if you are not from the royal family, there's no reason you can't feel like you are! Our store is all about making our customers feel special. 


This is the type of quality you can expect from Jacobs the Jewellers. We have a reputation for pleasing our customers. Don't believe us? Then read what some of our delightful customers have to say on our Reviews and Testimonials page.


Other Fine Services Created Just for Our Fine Customers


What else can we help you with at Jacobs the Jewellers? Learn more about our other services here.

  • Buy Jewellery and Watch Insurance. We trust TH March Insurance Brokers for insuring valuable jewellery and watches.
  • We Buy Jewellery and Scrap Gold. We are always on the lookout for certain second-hand pieces. With no fees or hidden charges, Jacobs is the place to trust for honest advice.
  • Valuations for Jewellery and Watches. For whatever reason you would like to find out the value of your piece, we can provide you with a valuation. This can be a confusing issue in the jewellery world, but we handle it on a daily basis and are pleased to offer our assistance.
  • Engraving. Fast, traditional hand engraving for a personal touch on certain jewellery and silver.
  • Gift Certificates. Buy a gift certificate when you don't know what will please that special someone.
  • Jewellery Repairs. Most of our repairs are done in-house, which should set your mind at ease. Beyond normal repairs, we also recycle older and unworn pieces to create a new, lovely piece from the same materials or gemstones.
  • Watch Repairs. Certain watch brands require certain experts. Other watch brands can be repaired via our independent watchmaker. Whichever watch you need repairing, please stop in, and we'll take a look and advise you. We also offer limited in-house battery changes.
  • Interest Free Credit. Apply for interest-free credit to help pay for your extraordinary purchase.
  • Tax Free/Vat Refund Shopping. Visitors to the UK may be able to shop at our store tax-free via our partners at Global Blue.


Jacobs, Est. 1948: Best Place to Find the Ideal Jewellery or Watch


Being around for over 70 years has its advantages. We have deep-rooted relationships with individuals and families who have been buying jewellery and watches from us for generations. We have also had many years to refine our services, learning from experience what works and what doesn't. Over the years we have noticed that people desire a personal shopping experience. They want to be treated like the special individuals that they are. They want to be understood and taken care of in a respectful, expert manner.


We encourage all of our customers, old and new, to try using our concierge service. Why? You deserve the VIP treatment of a customer who has become part of the Jacobs family. Your shopping experience should be unique, not average. The choices set before your eyes ought to be hand-picked, not random. The time it takes to select the perfect item should be spent in educated comparisons of items that you love.


70 years ago, our founders assisted people in choosing beautiful jewellery that suited their impeccable tastes. Today, we perform the same service with just as much respect and expertise. Jacobs the Jewellers has aged well. Our reputation is second to none, and our long-time customers still trust us to find them the perfect piece.


How Can We Assist You Today?


An engagement ring?A diamond bracelet? A pair of dazzling gemstone earrings? How about unique vintage pieces, such as pocket watches or charms? Would you like something sentimental, such as a locket necklace or a birthstone ring? Can we help you find a truly elegant watch? Whatever it is that we can help you with, please, feel perfectly comfortable to contact us. We are experts in the jewellery and watch business, and we can help you. We promise. No question is too big or too small. Allow Jacobs to set you on the right track to find the jewellery you want.


If you cannot find what you need on our website, please call us or email a brief for extra assistance. Our concierge service can help you remotely find exactly the right piece. It's fast, convenient, reliable, but most of all, our concierge service is excellent. You won't find better service anywhere else.


Trust the experts at Jacobs the Jewellers with your fine jewellery and watch selection.