Before you and your partner officially tie the knot, your journey can no doubt be fraught with a lot of decision-making. Whilst you can rely on friends and family to help you out with all the planning and preparation, one key decision will rest solely on the two of you: your choice of wedding ring.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Rings for Couples

Slipping the perfect wedding ring onto your finger can be as momentous as the time you and your partner first met. If you prefer bespoke wedding rings studded with precious stones such as sapphires and/or diamonds, the first thing to consider is the shape or the stone’s actual geometry. Here are a few tips worth noting.

Do not confuse shape and cut

Whilst shape is selected according to taste, the cut grade relies on set industry standards. The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut, as it is meant to provide maximum brilliance. Other popular shapes include the oval, emerald, pear, marquise, radiant, heart, princess, asscher, and cushion.

You need not stick to one stone

There is no reason you can’t have two or more complementing stones on your wedding rings. It is, after all, something you are meant to wear for the rest of your married life, so the more beautifully it wraps around your finger, the better.

Consider two rings in particular: Napoleon’s gift to the Empress Josephine, and more recently, actress Carey Mulligan’s mark of commitment to her fiancé, Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons fame. Both rings boast of a stunning combination of sapphire and diamond, with the former’s elegant blue perfectly contrasting the latter’s immaculate white. Napoleon’s ring consists of a gold band with a tear-shaped sapphire and diamond set in a ‘You and Me’ fashion. Mulligan’s ring, on the other hand, features a centre diamond bookended by two gentle sapphire stones.

Have everything in writing

When it comes to wedding rings, it is important to put certain details about your purchase in writing. Diamonds one carat and above could have a diamond grading report issued by a qualified gemmologist. Likewise, anything that affects its value, particularly if it’s a period piece, an antique, custom-designed piece, or the creation of a famous designer, should be noted by your seller.

Wedding rings and wedding bands in Berskshire and Reading

The most momentous occasions call for the finest jewellery. Customers in Berkshire and Reading can satisfy their search for luxury and one-of-a-kind wedding rings by visiting esteemed jewellers such as Jacobs.



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