And at the heart of your wedding is the exchange of rings that will forever be worn as a symbol of your love for one another. For this reason, finding the perfect pair of wedding rings for this important day should be a top priority. Below is a look at some important tips to keep in mind as you shop for wedding rings.

Quick Pointers to Note When Choosing Wedding Rings

The path to the perfect wedding band begins with strategic planning and a trusted jeweller. If you have never purchased a wedding band, it can be particularly helpful to use an organized approach. Some key points to keep in mind when choosing wedding rings are as follows:

Start your search as early as possible.

Try to avoid waiting until the last minute to choose your wedding bands. Your jeweller will want to ensure that your wedding band is a perfect fit for your finger. This sizing process requires time, so it is best to start your search for rings early.

Buy from a reputable jeweller.

Not all wedding bands are created equal. One of the best ways to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase is to buy your ring from an experienced, reputable jeweller - check out reviews or their websites for their credentials.

Choose wedding bands that suit your style.

Wedding bands are available in a wide array of metals. Choosing a metal that captures your taste and style as a couple is a great way to personalize your ring selection.

Keep durability in mind.

The most durable wedding bands are designed to look beautiful and stand the test of time. Of all the metal options available, Platinum is known for its strength and durability. White Gold is another metal that is known for its ability to resist damage.

Try on a few bands.

Sometimes a band will just feel right on your finger. In many cases, this is because a band is crafted using a metal of a specific weight. For example, Platinum is 60% heavier than White Gold, making it a good option for couples seeking a band with a more weighty feel.

Always keep your budget in mind. 

Top jewellers have wedding rings to accommodate a wide range of budgets. As you compare options, remember to consider the outright cost of the band plus the long-term costs of maintaining the band.

Consider your daily activities and habits.

If you are known for losing track of your jewellery and possessions, you may wish to think twice before you invest in a wide metal Platinum band. On the other side of the coin, Platinum is a wise choice for people who tend to lead active lives and are seeking a highly durable option.

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Groom's Wedding Ring

For many grooms, their wedding band will be the first and only ring they will ever wear. For this reason alone, it is especially important to choose the groom's wedding ring that is comfortable, long-lasting, and visually appealing. Here are four things a couple must consider when selecting a groom's wedding ring:

Band Width

Choosing a ring that compliments the size and shape of the groom's hand should be a top priority. While bands with a width of 4mm to 6mm are popular, you may wish to select a different width if the groom has hands that are larger or smaller than average.


Some grooms lead very active lifestyles that can lead to premature wear and tear on a wedding band. For example, grooms who work in construction, manufacturing, or other fields that require frequent use of the hands should consider a ring made of metal such as gold, platinum, or palladium that is known for its strength.

Personal Style

No two men have exactly the same style. Some men have a contemporary style while others prefer a more traditional looking style. It is easier to assess a groom's style if they already own or wear rings or other jewellery.

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A Bride's Guide on Designing the Wedding Ring

Selecting a ring that compliments the bride's wedding band and engagement ring is also important. For example, choosing a wide yellow gold diamond set band is not the best option if the bride prefers a thin white gold band to match her diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Men tend to have a difficult time choosing a ring that suits their preferences. And with a seemingly endless array of styles, some men can quickly become overwhelmed by the selection process and entrust the bride to choose both wedding bands. When this happens, a bride can help ensure that the groom is pleased with his wedding band by following four simple steps:

  1. Consider the six factors outlined above and make notes about the groom's.
  2. Visit a Reading jeweller with decades of experience in personalised wedding rings.
  3. Ask the jeweller for three or four ring options that meet the criteria presented.
  4. Share the images with the groom and ask him to choose his favourite ring

These four steps are effective because they simplify an overwhelming selection process for men while keeping them involved in a very important decision. Most importantly, they help ensure that the bride and the groom are happy with their rings.

A growing number of brides-to-be are choosing to design their own wedding bands. While some brides have a specific vision in mind, others struggle a bit in their search for inspiration. By following these five tips, you can design a bespoke wedding ring that you will love forever:

Do your homework.

Many brides would love to have a unique wedding band but do not know where to start. If you find yourself in this position, you can kick off the design process by browsing catalogues, magazines, store displays, and friends' fingers for sources of inspiration. Be sure to provide your designer with images, drawings, descriptions or videos that illustrate the specific features you would like your wedding band to have.

Consider modifying an existing ring.

If you have a family heirloom or a ring that you love, you can take it to a design expert to modify or update for use as a wedding band. The same concept applies if you visit a jewellery store and see a ring that you would like to have customized to use as your wedding band.

Complement your engagement ring.

A coordinated wedding ring and engagement ring is a beautiful sight to see. Ideally, the wedding ring you design should fit flush with your engagement ring. You can accomplish this by choosing a contoured wedding band that enables your engagement ring to sit flush. This creates a seamless, professional look.

Select a versatile metal.

Whether you wish to redesign your grandmother's antique wedding ring or tweak a ring that caught your eye in a store display window, it is helpful to choose a metal such as platinum that is versatile and able to be resized with ease. Platinum's versatility also allows it to be re-purposed into the unique design that you have in mind. Tungsten and titanium, on the other hand, are examples of metals that can be difficult to resize or re-purpose.

Communicate closely with your designer.

This is the most important element of the design process. While top jewellers are often known for their design acumen, they do not mind readers. Do not assume that they know your preferences with respect to metal, bandwidth, and style. And do not be shy about providing constructive criticism if you do not care for an initial design.

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