Now, planning your wedding event may be overwhelming.  However, it may begin to become easier by choosing the right wedding bands for both the bride and the groom.


Women love to choose wedding rings with intricate designs. But, oftentimes men have a hard time picking which ring suits best. That is why the groom usually leave this decision to his bride.


So, as a bride-to-be, how do you pick the right piece for your groom? As for the grooms, what makes you really want wear it? Read on and learn how jewellers help you ensure the perfect pieces right for you.


How To Choose the Right Wedding Band for Men from Berkshire Jewellers


Wedding rings have a rich historical and cultural reference from mere fashion accessories to symbolising love of couples [Ancient Origins]. And, if you are going to wear it, you must know that it is “till death do you part”. But, you need to consider a lot of factors, too.


Today, men tend to like their rings that have a contemporary look. These rings show masculinity, strength and balance. And, they choose those comfortable and hand-friendly bands.


But, can they have bespoke designs, too? Of course, they can. So, kiss the traditional flat, gold pieces goodbye. And, say hello to the latest trends of men’s wedding bands.


Simplifying the Perfect Ring of Your Choice


Today, choosing a ring can have many options. In fact, 2017 has brought a new trend in wedding bands designs. Metal of choices include gold, silver, platinum, palladium and titanium. And, this also changes the façade of fine jewellery. So, here’s a quick guide for you.


Picking the Right Metal


Yellow gold is always the all-time favourite. But, today’s men look for durable and wearable rings. Premium metal of choice is Platinum for its durability, rarity and hypoallergenic properties, and white gold rings are equally popular. Titanium is ideal for low cost and sporty lifestyles but has the drawback in that re-sizing later is limited.


Fitting the Right Design


Personalised wedding rings are in as “one size fits all” is already an antiquated concept. So, what does this mean for you and your groom? Well, choose the design that suits your groom’s lifestyle. What does he do every day? If he is the always-on-the-go type, choose platinum over gold. But, if you live in glitz and glamour, setting gemstones like sapphire would be a perfect fit.


Match the Ring


These rings are solely for couples. This only means that your rings have something in common in terms of design and colour. So, always make sure to find a match for the both of you.


Berkshire Jewellers Designing a Perfect Ring for Your Groom


Picking the ring for your groom can be a bit challenging. But, it would also be fun and exciting. Both of you can make sure to go with the designs which you like best. But, all you need to remember is that you both have a ring to wear for your entire married life.


So, customise your wedding ring today and let Reading jewellers take care of it.




What Are The Best Trends In Men’s Wedding Pieces 2017?,