Likely the 3 biggest factors when men consider what they really want to wear on their most special day are:

  • A wedding band with the right fit and bulk to match the man's physique
  • A ring style that is a good lifestyle match, such as businessmen, tradesmen, or medical professionals
  • The wedding ring that speaks directly to his personality - traditional, modern, or uniquely individual

These factors are personal and go beyond the groom's choice of material and price for the wedding ring. No matter what your budget is, you can still find a men's wedding band to satisfy every physique, personality, and profession.

Finding the Right Ring Size and Fit

Every man will be concerned with getting a ring of the proper size and fit. It is advised to visit your local jewellers where many will offer free, in-person fitting. Even a ring that is slightly too large can slip right off a man's finger while in the shower or engage in recreation. And a fit that's too tight not only cuts off your blood circulation, but you'll likely misplace the ring because of removing it when it becomes uncomfortable to wear.

There is a difference between the size of your ring finger and having a wedding band 'fit' specifically to meet your needs. Many men already know their ring size, but a jeweller knows there are other factors that can play into a great fitting ring.

Steps in Finding the Right Ring Size and Fit

  • Regulate your body temperature.
  • Consider the band's width.
  • Choosing the perfect metal and colour.

Regulate your body temperature 

An online sizing tool allows you to find your ring size from the comfort of your home, but a jeweller will take into account the ambient air and your body temperature when fitting you for a wedding band.  This is because, if it is a particularly warm day your fingers tend to lengthen slightly.

And if you are having your finger sized for a ring on a very cool day, you may end up with a slightly larger number because fingers can swell as extra blood is pumping to regulate body temperature. The best advice is to walk around within your jeweller's store for a few minutes while your body temperature neutralises. Then have your finger measured for size and fit. A good jeweller will usually ask if you’re at a normal temperature.

Consider the band's width 

A wide wedding band tends to make a finger appear shorter, and for some men a thin wedding band isn't quite right for men with large hands or long fingers. Often, the width of a wedding band is simply a matter of personal comfort, as some men find a thicker wedding band restricting or uncomfortable.

Choosing the perfect metal and colour 

When you allow a professional jeweller to size your ring finger, this is also a great time to discuss the ring's material and colour. The perfect fit is not only about size, but the right metal colour can add to the appearance of the wedding band - hence, a better fit. Some men prefer darker metals that stand out and are more noticeable. 

Or, you may consider advice on selecting a metallic hue that complements your complexion. Yellow gold metals offer a high degree of warmth, while a rose gold will be a flatter hue. Silver and palladium are popular material and colour for a man's wedding band because the cooler colour spectrum will often benefit the male complexion.

Simplifying the Perfect Ring of Choice

What really makes a wedding band special is when the man chooses the perfect ring style and design. Visit a jewellery showroom that allows you to experience the wide range of wedding band styles from the classic solid gold band to contemporary designs or unique engravings. You can simplify the process when you consider these major wedding band features:

  • Lifestyle
  • Work
  • Personalisation Design

Your Lifestyle

The type of wedding ring metal may vary if you lead an active lifestyle.  You will want a wedding band that can take the sweat, pounding, scratches, and sometimes the extreme environments that go along with many outdoor and indoor sports or activities. For men that like to make a style statement with their clothing and jewellery selections, and are living a lifestyle that is more professional, choose a timeless design that fits well when enjoying cultural events, fine dining, and live entertainment.  A softer metal hue like 18ct gold is perfect.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may desire a wedding ring that doesn't stand out. A thinner band or an understated engraving are good choices that fit an elegant lifestyle. Or, you may prefer a wider band and a thicker metal which are more masculine. You will also have a wide variety of options that can uniquely speak to the special bond between you and your beloved - and your future family. 

Your Work

Your jeweller can advise on the perfect style ring to complement any work environment - from the office to the factory.  Don't underestimate this consideration because even if you type on a computer keyboard all day or if you work with power tools or machinery, your wedding band should not interfere or cause discomfort. If your work is physically demanding, choose a well-fitted wedding band constructed of a durable material that can withstand the punishment.

Depending on where you spend most of your time will also be a factor in choosing a wedding band. Grooms have a range of band options from the classic Gold and Silver metals to the more modern materials such as palladium, titanium, platinum, and tungsten. If you have a physically demanding job, choose a harder metal such as titanium which is lightweight, resists scratching and dents, and is hypo-allergenic. Gold is a softer metal, but 18ct gold is a blend alloy material balancing strength and durability.

A Personalisation Design 

Most any wedding band can be engraved with your own special message or names. Also, consider wedding bands with unique designs engraved into the metal or an array of tiny gemstones to commemorate the special month of your marriage. Here is where your choice of jeweller will be most helpful. Multiple shops that sell men's jewellery will not offer you the extra skill and expertise it takes to customise your wedding band. You will also have a wider range of gemstone choices that can enhance the beauty and personal style of your wedding band at an independent jeweller. 

Your Choice of Personality

Depending on your personality, you may desire a wedding ring that doesn't stand out. Many professionals and businessmen feel this is an important feature. A traditional, understated wedding band is always a great choice. Your main considerations here will be the band width, thickness, and edging, detailing, and finish. The personality of your wedding band can be found in these details:

  • Band Edging
  • Ring's Finish
  • Engraving or Detailing

Band Edging

This can be flat, curved, or at a right angle to the sides. Also, consider an edging that is gently rounded for added comfort when you will be wearing your wedding ring every day.

Ring's Finish

This distinguishes the final surface quality of the ring, which can be highly polished or a subdued, matte finish. You can even have both a matte band with polished edgework for a distinct and unique look. A hammered finish gives a wedding band a tough look that resembles the effect of a tiny hammer that has pounded the metal to create a unique textured effect.

Engraving or Detailing

Many men prefer a wider band and a thicker metal which can make a ring appear more masculine. A thicker band can support a more detailed engraving or the setting of gemstones.

Matching Personality with Wedding Bands

When in doubt, many couples simply rely on tried-and-true selections that can match the right wedding band with the groom's personality. Here are a few examples:

  • Professional Gentleman
  • The Creative Male
  • The Modern Guy
  • Men of Unique Styling

Professional Gentleman

Any gentleman prefers a classic look many prefer a stunning gold metal wedding band without embellishment or alterations. Here, you will want to choose a quality jeweller who carries the highest quality of gold rings in all hues from white gold and yellow gold.

The Creative Male 

This is the perfect fit to feature a white metal wedding band, which is very popular with creative or artistic men. Platinum or white gold are ideal. 

The Modern Guy 

They enjoy the latest in technology, so why not showcase the best in material engineering and design in your wedding band. Platinum or carbon fibre fit the bill well. 

Men of Unique Styling 

Men may consider a platinum wedding band which is sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room. For the metro-male or any man who values high style and individualism, a platinum ring is a beautiful choice while still featuring heft and masculinity.

Go online or visit your trusted, local Jacobs the Jeweller for a perfect design of wedding bands and eternity rings for men.