The wedding season is upon everyone yet again, and gorgeous March brides are set to walk off the aisle in the next few weeks. As you straighten the finishing touches of your wedding plans, you might overlook the need for glamorous yet meaningful wedding rings for you and your spouse.

While there are staple designs offered by expert jewellers around your area, custom-designed wedding rings give you the freedom to create something that’s both intimate and eye-catching. In creating your own design for your wedding jewellery, make sure that these factors are considered.

Mind the Metal

The overall aesthetics of the wedding band will start with the right metal. Platinum is undoubtedly the best choice, as it can last for a very long time. Apart from its durability, platinum is particularly versatile and can be worked into different designs.

If you’re after something different, you can always go for metals like gold. Unlike platinum, however, gold rings would require a new rhodium plate once in every two years to retain its lustre. Contemporary metals like titanium and tungsten, on the other hand, are difficult to be worked into many styles and re-sizing can be an issue.

Search for Inspiration

Expand your horizons and gather inspirations for your customised wedding ring. It could be anything, from memorable moments with your loved one to lasting imageries of something you both loved. You can also make the most out of online guides to help create a clear picture of your ideal wedding ring.

Tweak an Existing Piece

Though it’s exciting to design your wedding ring from scratch, it’s often better to tweak an existing piece and save more time. Simply visit a jeweller’s shop, find a ring that suits your liking, then illustrate the changes or enhancements you’d like to see. The capable hands of the experts can create exquisite custom pieces out of an existing design.

Add Diamonds and Gemstones

Add more sparkle to your wedding rings with finely-wrought diamonds or gemstones. Keep in mind, though, that you must first choose the gem’s cut and setting. When it comes to diamond cuts, most rings feature the brilliant round, as it expertly balances brilliance and fire.

These gems can be placed in different settings, including prong, trellis, and halo settings. Each have their own pros and cons: the channel setting, for instance, the channel setting can perfectly show off the gemstone or diamond.

Should you decide on having your wedding ring custom-made, don’t hesitate to reach out to expert jewellers in Reading, like those from Jacobs.


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