Why choose gold?

Why choose gold?

  • It is soft and malleable, so can be easily worked by a goldsmith to create intricate designs. It is also very durable; a single ounce of gold can be drawn out into a long wire a mile long and the thickness of a human hair
  • It is heavy, considerably heavier than lead for example, so it feels luxurious
  • It’s reflective qualities are the secret ingredients of the brightness of gold
  • Its nobility is what keeps its brightness from fading. A noble metal is one that is not attacked by oxygen, neither rusting like iron nor corroding like copper. Most acids will not penetrate it.

You can see a range of our jewellery which is made in gold, sometime times platinum, here

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Article by Mel V

Mel has been working at Jacobs since 2009, has a professional jewellers diploma and looks after customers and customer repairs.

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