Why choose platinum?

Why choose platinum?

Why choose platinum?

Generally speaking there are a number of key features that one can highlight when selecting platinum in jewellery above another metal.

Platinum’s durability as a metal outshines that of gold or any other metal. As such it can be worn with less fear of scratching, scraping or general damage. Indeed, platinum is so hard wearing that when scratched the metal is not lost as with gold, it is merely redistributed on the piece itself. This is a useful with customers who are ‘outdoors’ in lifestyle. The term eternal is often used when selling the metal to reflect its endurance.

Platinum is rare – 30 times rarer than gold and as such its price reflects the scarcity of the resource. You can be assured, you’re buying the best.

Platinum’s white colour brings out  gemstones’ colours more. With diamonds we often set them in a white top (even with a yellow band) in order to accentuate the diamond’s own colour

Purity is another feature of the metal. As such it is hypoallergenic which is a major benefit to some. It does not require re-rhodium plating every so often, as white gold does and so ‘costs less to run’ as it were. It does not tarnish so will always look good.

As an investment, of sorts, platinum also works  - it’s slightly higher initial cost is outweighed by the lower ownership costs (no re-rhodium plating) as mentioned above but when coupled with its endurance and durability it makes it a great metal to have as an heirloom.

 At the moment platinum is a very fashionable metal to be wearing. Many celebrities are seen wearing stones set in platinum.

You can see a selection of our platinum range in our jewellery section. 

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