Bespoke Handmade Jewellery Design


There are many types of jewellery that can be bought or gifted. Yet, if you want to make it extra special, designing your own handmade jewellery with the help of a trusted jeweller is ideal.

Jacobs jewellery design service helps you create custom jewellery as the perfect way of treating yourself or showing someone how much they mean to you. Read on below, or head over to our jewellery design process or stories


An excellent gift for the one you love

Whether it be custom engagement rings, hand made wedding rings or a piece of personalised jewellery you’re after, our talented team can turn your hand made jewellery ideas into a reality.

Whatever your individual requirements may be, Jacobs can help. Sourcing gemstones to the specification of exact colour, size and cut; we ensure you will have the perfect piece of handmade jewellery

Handmade jewellery consultation 

Designing your own handmade jewellery can be a rewarding experience for both you and your recipient.

With our on-site workshop, paired with the expertise of our talented design team.  Jacobs are able to offer the ultimate handmade jewellery design process.

In our initial consultation, we’ll obtain as much information as possible from you. This is to ensure we have a clear idea of the intended purpose, look and feel of your handmade jewellery.

We can often recycle old gemstones, or find matching/complementary ones to make unique engagement rings, custom wedding rings or any spectacular piece of designer jewellery like earrings or pendants.

Our consultation process will allow us to work out what’s best for you.

Visualising your handmade jewellery 

The next step in the jewellery design process is to bring all your hand made jewellery ideas together.

A member of our design team will formulate a visual sketch of your bespoke jewellery either by hand or digitally, using the latest design technology.

At this point, we may make a few recommendations for your custom jewellery. Suggesting the best jewellery designs to accommodate various gemstone types.

Working quickly and transparently, we will give you clear pricing options for your handmade jewellery.

Here’s a detailed explanation of our jewellery design service.

Jewellery design mock-up 

We are extremely visual beings so do take a look at our portfolio here.

Although a lot of creativity goes into jewellery design, sometimes a 2D design is not enough to envision the beauty of your handmade jewellery.

As part of the process, we often make wax, resin,  silver or brass models of your bespoke jewellery piece before commissioning it in precious metal.

This step of the jewellery design process allows for any last-minute tweaks, ensuring your handmade jewellery is nothing less than perfect.

Quality is our priority 

Jacobs are committed to quality and craftsmanship with every handmade jewellery piece that we create. 

From sourcing the finest gems, designing everything in-house, to the final polish of your finished bespoke jewellery. We guarantee beauty, uniqueness, and elegance in everything that we do.

All delivered in the comfort of our showroom and often made on-site, to a time scale that suits. We want you to be the giver or owner of a piece of handmade jewellery to treasure forever.

Jewellery made from cherished pieces 

Handmade jewellery design isn’t just for creating brand new pieces. We often recycle old heirlooms or gemstones to give them a new lease of life as remodelled, pieces of bespoke jewelleryFor environmental, sentimental, and economic reasons, recycling older or unworn jewellery is becoming more and more popular. Many people have old jewellery that they have either collected or inherited. Often being the wrong size, in need of repair or not your style. Whether you want to design a ring or a sentimental piece of designer jewellery, we may be able to melt down your gold and re-use it. 

During our consultations, we will be able to investigate if this is possible for your old jewellery and preserve your gemstones to be incorporated into your handmade jewellery design.

Using this technique, we can create many items of custom jewellery. From rings and bangles to pendants, brooches, and earrings; we can form new pieces of handmade jewellery whilst keeping your emotional connection to the past.


Created in the UK

Nearly all of our bespoke pieces are crafted by us or are network of talented UK based workshops and specialists. As a result we are registered with the 'Created in UK' scheme showing our commitment to UK industry and talent. Qualifying items will display a special stamp in their hallmark, proudly showing the item has been 'Created in the UK'.





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