Jewellery design

Our design service allows you to design your own piece of jewellery customised in consultation with our skilled team and  goldsmith.

Here’s how we work, tried and tested successfully over many years.

Below we run you through the design process, and share some rough ideas for prices.

Our portfolio of selected designs is here.

Phase 1: Scoping + Initial Ideas

1a/. An initial consultation + scoping will set out your personal project brief answering among other questions:

  • What you would like made
  • In what materials
  • How you anticipate wearing the jewellery and with what other pieces
  • Any recycled gemstones in the design and advice surrounding that
  • What your deadlines are
  • Whether you would like wax, resin or metal models pre-final manufacture
  • An indication of budget

1b/. We make some very quick initial idea sketches or photos if needed and an indicative price range for approval. These sketches/ photos check we are on the same page and are not 'final' - more checking we're on the same wavelength. This stage helps us focus on what you'd like and a style, and makes sure we are aligned with your budget. 

We will check to see if we can find any pre-existing patterns. If using your gemstones, whether they are standard sizes and would fit. This can often be a cost effective option.

No fee is incurred at this stage. You can see some rough project indicative pricing below.


Phase 2: Designing

2a/. Once you’re happy with our indicative range, we proceed to full design – each project is unique and we treat it so. Photo realistic images of the final design will be produced before committing to manufacture and if required, wax or metal models of your designs can also be produced. There is a £75 fee for this service, deductible from a proceeded full make up.

2b/. We provide photo realistic and/ or accurate hand drawings for refining, a final accurate price and your approval.  Fine tuning may include make wax, resin or metal models pre-final make up, leading to project design sign off.

A 50% deposit is due to proceed to the next phase.

Phase 3: Making

3/. Make up – the most exciting part! A final piece is then created bespoke for you, after you have signed off the design.

Each project is different but a typical timeframe is between four and six weeks. You can view some examples of our work in our portfolio, it’s not complete and many items are ‘client confidential’ but it’s a good start – click here for the Jacobs bespoke commission design portfolio.

For your total assurance and confidence we have a clearly defined process in place with frequent face-to-face and / or email communication with clear explanations/ updates an essential element of the design process. We know it can sometimes be anxious or feel a risk commissioning a piece of jewellery – be assured you’re in safe and responsible hands!

For more information contact us to make an appointment.

Indicative pricing for common bespoke design projects

Please note these are very rough guide prices based on recent projects we have completed; each client is different. The below prices are based on us re-using your existing gemstones, as many of our clients like to keep the existing sentiment of a piece (the gemstones!) whilst updating the design to suit their current style.

Type of item

Either 18ct gold or Platinum

Pre existing patterns

£ from:

Bespoke design

£ from:

'Solitaire' single gemstone ring £650 £1,350
'Trilogy' three gemstone ring £1,250 £1,995 
Three band wide ring with gems set  £1,775 £2,500 
Single gemstone pendants  £495  £995
Earrings £495 £1,500

Common variables to prices are:

GEMSTONES: The number, size, quality and type of gemstone being used may alter the price of a bespoke design. Eg. if you're supplying your own gemstones vs asking us to source new gemstones for you.

MATERIALS: Whether we're using your own precious metals, or supplying new or upcycled/ recycled metal in 9/18ct gold and or platinum may affect the price of a bespoke design.

DESIGN: A larger finger size, the physical size of design, and the complexity of the design are all factors that may affect a design price.

Earrings tend to appear dearer than expected -that's because there are two items being made!

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