Treasured heirlooms carry with them the story of your family’s past generations, so when one is given to your bride-to-be, it strongly signifies her union with your family. If there’s an heirloom ring or jewellery piece of sentimental value that you would want to bestow on your bride-to-be, and whose relevance you wish to preserve within your future family, then consider giving it as an engagement ring.


Heirloom rings can have various origins. Aside from engagement rings, they could also be anniversary rings or any ring that was treasured by its previous owners, who may be any of your relatives of significance. Precious gemstones from old and unused accessories like brooches and split rings may also be used to create a customized engagement ring.

You may also have an existing ring altered to suit the lifestyle of your bride-to-be. Have it redesigned at trusted Reading jewellery shops like Jacobs the Jewellers. Your fiancée will certainly appreciate an heirloom ring that have been re-created especially to suit her personal style. You’d want her to wear it more often than simply have it locked in a safe because it is too different from her own preferences.

In customizing an heirloom ring, you would need to first have it checked by a jeweller for loose prongs or grime build ups. A professional jeweller can retighten unstable prongs and clean the ring to make it shine like new. If the ring is too “old school”, you have the option to have the heirloom stone removed and set on a more contemporary band. This way you’re keeping the ring’s essence intact while giving your fiancée a jewellery piece she’ll be pleased to wear every day.

Create a list of your design details for the ring. Some Reading jewellery shops use computer-aided sketching technology to help you better picture how the completed ring would look. Find a jeweller who openly provides pricing options so you can make the necessary budget adjustments should you wish to add more details to the ring as fabrication goes. An experienced jeweller also knows how to deal with imperfections on the ring and stones, so choose one with a reputation for working with antiques or heirlooms.

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