What made Art Deco jewellery more captivating is how it mirrored the vast changes in fashion. Women have shorter haircuts, lower necklines, and long earrings. There is a strong emphasis on vertical lines, so, long necklaces are worn to accentuate the figure. Bold, geometrical jewellery designs perfectly complemented the modern fashion statement.


Though the 1920s was long gone, the irresistible dazzle of Art Deco design remains. Reading jewellers today breathe a new life into jewellery pieces inspired with this style.


July is a perfect time to wear spellbinding Art Deco pieces. Discover on this blog its style and how to find one that best suits you.


Fascinating Art Deco Elements from Reading Jewellers


Even before the 1920s, several elements have started to influence the qualities of Art Deco jewellery designs. Moreover, in 1909, along with the introduction of the Ballet Russes, Serge Diaghilev also brought an exotic and vibrant fashion trend. Then, women became so fascinated with bright gemstones, fans and masks motifs.


However, it was the excavation of the tomb of King Tut in 1922 that had shaped Art Deco to what it is today. It brought the “Egyptomania” rage, which became the foundation of Art Deco designs. Designers created colourful, bold and geometrical designs fashioned on white metals such as Platinum. So, without a doubt, these jewellery exude a timeless quality fit for all occasions.


To bring in the beauty of this design, many jewellers today crafted pieces that capture the essence of Art Deco. Let us tour you to some of the most beautiful jewellery in Reading.


Stylish Art Deco Regalia from Reading Jewellers


Geometric patterns and colourful stones arranged in stunningly beautiful pieces are perpetually sought-after. Reading jewellers highlight some of the most exquisite jewellery with Art Deco theme:


Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Dress Ring

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Dress Ring


A spectacular revival of Art Deco, this dress ring is ravishing jewellery that complements an entire outfit for special occasions. Its 18ct white gold Onyx and 0.50ct Diamond is a captivating design befitting of Art Deco theme.


Ruby and Diamond Pendant

Ruby and Diamond Pendant


Known for symmetry, a Ruby and Diamond pendant of this design has a beautiful Art Deco vibe. The 0.23ct Ruby centrepiece surrounded with Diamonds set in white gold creates an elegant and impressive pendant that is mesmerising to the beholder.


Second Hand Victorian Plaque Ring

Second Hand Victorian Plaque Ring


Surrounded with an estimated 0.50ct of rose and old-cut diamonds, the cushion-shaped Diamond is the lovely centrepiece for this plaque ring. The piece’s perfectly symmetrical design resonates with the classic beauty of Art Deco.


Sapphire + Diamond Art Deco Style Ring

Sapphire + diamond Art Deco style ring


Beautifully clustered jewels are undoubtedly magnificent on rings. This ring is a perfect example of clustered gems designed to re-create an exquisite Art Deco jewellery. Beyond any doubt, Sapphire and Diamond gems inset in one jewellery piece is a marvellous sight.


Look for Dazzling Pieces from Jewellers in Reading


The 1920s is a fabulous time of astonishing changes and development in fashion. These transformations have become the elements to shift jewellery designs from delicate and subtle themes to strong and geometrical motifs.


With such stunning designs, Art Deco truly captured the hearts of jewellery aficionados. Even until today, many pieces of jewellery reflect a hint of Art Deco to dazzle the beholder. So, find Art Deco-inspired pieces from Reading jewellers that remarkably brings out the best in you today.




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