One of the designs will also be created via a competition with local schools for children 14 years and older facilitated by Jelly, Reading’s award-winning arts charity, leading to the winner’s idea being made into a real pendant for sale towards the fundraising.


So, if you are an aspiring jewellery designer in Reading who wants to showcase creative skills and quality craftsmanship, or simply, a jewellery aficionado, this is your ultimate guide, coming only from these Reading jewellery experts.


Reading Jewellers Highlights 7 Unique Jewellery Pieces for Charity


Jacobs the Jewellers sets an ambitious yet an innovative programme called “Seventy for Seventy” for its 70th anniversary this 2018. The said programme is to raise £70,000 for the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity, specifically the Berkshire Cancer Centre. This will be a yearlong celebration, consisting a series of events and initiatives to raise funds for the charity.


Amongst its highlights is to feature 7 unique jewellery pieces designed and created by participating goldsmiths, in-house and local designers. Winning pieces will be auctioned, fabulous prizes will also be awarded to the winners and part of the proceeds will go to the said charity.


Sneak Peek: Jewellery at a Glance from Reading Jewellers


This independent jeweller in Reading will give you a sneak preview of design pieces that will be highlighted on its designers’ competition.


Travel back in time and fast forward to the future. Check out its fascinating story of this 7 unique jewellery pieces that will be featured in these selected months:

  • January. The 60s jewellery designs will be the opening salvo in 2018. Most of this pieces are inspired by beaded necklaces, leather bracelets, rhinestone butterflies brooches. The 60s jewellery designs can easily be identified because of the use of bright, highly polished yellow, rose and green gold.

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  • March. For March, it will be a whole month of 70s style jewellery which will feature all types of birthstones. Expect you will find finest pieces of silver ankle bracelets, macramé choker necklaces, or puzzle rings as wedding bands.

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  • June. Travel to the future and know what the future jewellery pieces would be. There will be a showdown of tech-inspired signature pieces with more geometrical patterns and mathematical forms in style.

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  • July. Art Deco jewellery will be featured in this month. Art Deco jewellery is often characterised by the emphasis on bold, geometric designs. This piece also has calibre cuts of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and black onyx as well as red coral as accent colours.

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  • August. This month will encompass a diverse range of style as Modern jewellery designs take the centre stage. It will a month of flashy diamonds and more diamonds. But, expect that these stunning pieces can bring elegance and glamour to create a unique, never-seen-before fashion kind of statement.

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  • October. On this month, Art Nouveau jewellery designs will be put on a spotlight. Its design and style have made a major impact on how the jewellery designers began crafting their works of art. It was during this era where designers are looking to nature as an inspiration to influence their designs.

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  • November. Before the year ends, this trusted reading jeweller will take you back in the time of the 40s and 50s. This month of November will feature elegance and sophistication which is usually made of platinum and clean-cut diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires, green demantoid garnets and more.

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