Local businesses are also in full support for the event by sponsoring prizes in the quarterly raffle draw. In addition, throughout the course of 2018, Jacobs’ in-house designers will be creating 7 unique jewellery pieces with a percentage going to the charity.


One of the highlights of the year-long celebration is their monthly innovations. For the month of March, this independent Reading jeweller will be hitting the spotlight on their 1970s inspired pieces.


Join Jacobs as they reminisce the 1970s with their 70s-style jewellery pieces.


Muse Over the 1970s as Jacobs Celebrate its 70th Anniversary


Together with their 70th Anniversary, Jacobs turned to the 70s as the highlight for the month of March. Reviving the time of Dancing Queens and Kings, jewellery at this time is all about statement jewellery -dominated by bold, glittering pieces with shades of brown, green and orange.


This Reading jewellery shop will be bringing back the 70s jewellery style, but with an additional zest to it. Their bespoke 70s inspired beaded necklace will consist of 7 rows specially selected semi-precious beads.


The beads consist of a green jade, oval-faceted iridescent mother of pearl, sponge-textured orange coral, round-faceted white mother of pearl, button-shaped orange, faceted heart-shaped smoky quartz and a small round green-jade.


To complete the lustrous necklace, the beads will be attached to a handmade silver ring and chain with an oval trigger clasp. The maximum length is approximately 28 inches. The length can be adjusted at the clasp.


Jacobs’ inspiration in conceptualizing the necklace is from the fashion trends of the 1970s. Huge and shimmering beaded necklace lends itself perfectly to this era.


This custom-made beaded necklace will be released within this month. In the meantime, jewellery connoisseurs can enjoy some of the 1970s inspired jewellery in Reading.


Invigorating the 70s Styles from Reading Jewellery Shops


Jewellery in Reading encompasses a wide range of concepts. Indubitably, jewellery shops in the area have 70s style pieces. Here’s a list to showcase some of the pieces as inspired by the Disco era:


Roberto Demeglio White Ceramic Two Row Diamond Bracelet


Definitely, a bold and daring bracelet, the square and rectangular designs speak of the 1970s Disco floor. The clustered diamonds adds a beautiful sparkle which makes the jewellery piece stand out.


Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Strand


Pearls have made a statement in the 1970s jewellery scene. And they still do today. This prismatic pearl 16” strand accentuates the wearer’s elegance and poise.


Bolivian Ametrine and Diamond Ring


This ring’s centrepiece is a tonneau-shaped Ametrine which is surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds. The artistically faceted Bolivian Ametrine reflects an exquisite pattern of deep yellow and purple which represents the 70s era.


Visit Jacobs for More 70s-Inspired Jewellery


Jewellery shops in Reading are now showcasing 1970s-inspired jewellery pieces. Jacobs highlights this month with a bespoke necklace to bring back the 70s jewellery scene. With the era’s vibrant jewellery styles, it is undeniably an innovative way to celebrate their 70th anniversary.


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