The latest trends say that ladies are more involved than ever in engagement ring buying. Consider for one moment before you let the cat out of the bag, happened to romance? You may be about to deny her the once in a lifetime moment—that overwhelming surge of emotion as a lover goes down on one knee and presents his lady the precious ring, symbolising his devotion to take her hand in marriage. No proposal so grandiose or a ring so expensive can ever rival the romantic value of one done in surprise.

On Bespoke Rings and Surprise Proposals

You’ll need the perfect ring to amp up your Prince Charming appeal on the big day though. Have it customised in one of the premier Reading jewellery shops, Jacobs, but take care that she doesn’t catch you! We’ve been trusted with creating the perfect engagement ring for over 65 years so you’re in safe hands. You can read our reviews on facebook or google.

Get her ring size

Nothing can ruin the moment more than a ring that doesn’t fit. Getting her ring size is the hardest part of the job because any slip-ups may alert her to what you’re up to. Here are some tips:

  • Call a friend. Ask a friend of hers (with fine acting skills, of course) to take her window shopping for engagement rings in Reading “just for fun” and have her professionally sized.
  • Pretend to give the ring to someone else. If your sister or mom has a ring finger approximately the same size as hers, ask your girl to try a ring on her behalf.
  • Trace the ring. While she’s away, trace her ring on a piece of paper. Make sure, though, that she wears it on the finger with the size closest to her ring finger.
  • If all that fails, don’t despair, we’re well practiced at getting a very close guess by asking some simple questions of you. A small alteration to ring size later is easy!

Come up with a design

You don’t have to be an artist; all you need is a keen sense of observation.

  • What pieces does she wear most of the time? Gold? Platinum? Silver? What is her favourite precious stone? Is she bold? Maybe she’d like big, sparkly pieces. Is she conservative and classic? You may go for a simple yet elegant design.
  • Take her to a jewellery store and pretend you’re going watch shopping. While you’re in the men’s department, take note of what pieces she’s being drawn to. You can even snap some on a mobile phone if possible.

Find your jeweller

Jewellery shops that offer customisation services, like Jacobs the Jewellers, have in-house designers who can sketch your ideal ring through to full computer-aided technology. We can recycle heirlooms/antique gemstones or source a new one based on the cut, size, and colour you want. Their platinum or gold rings can also include personalised engraving. Designing typically lasts between one and two months, so research at least 2 months prior to kicking off your personal project. Choose a jeweller that offers clear pricing options so you can do the necessary budget adjustments. Jacobs always work transparently to give you the most reassurance and understanding of your ring, design and the budget. You can learn more about our design process here. For more information, contact us here.

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