In fact, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears an heirloom sapphire band. And, this famous heirloom was the same ring which Prince Charles once gave to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. It was once reported that the Princess of Wales chose this ring because “it was the biggest”. And, its deep blue hue was said to have complemented perfectly with her eyes.


Now, what more reasons do you need to choose a sapphire ring? Let us revisit at some of this gemstone’s fascinating features below.  


Jewellers Bring Sparkle to Your Engagement Rings with Sapphire Stones


Engagement rings can have a beautiful set of sapphire stones. These range from the minimalist, one-stone offers to the most extravagant baubles. Have you considered a halo ring setting to frame your stone, or a classic four-prong stunner?


Whatever you choose, your ring should be the main focus. Any stone that is fit for royalty must be at centre stage. So, come and see the sapphire’s lustre through its cut, colour and clarity.


Sapphire Stones’ Cut, Colour and Clarity


Even the royalties cannot resist a sapphire ring. As beautiful as sapphires are, these can be even more beautiful. Many elements can come together to emphasise its beauty.


With these rings, you’ll truly make a statement. Get to know how to choose the perfect stone. And, take note of the factors that influence sapphire jewellery design.


Vivid Blue Hue


With these gemstones, its vivid blue hues are best. Sapphires get their deep blue hue from its titanium and iron deposits. The more these elements are present, the more intense the colour it will be.


Most jewellers will use sapphire’s vibrant colour as an accent to other gemstones. But, when used as a centre stone, it is difficult to match its brilliance.


One famous example of it is The Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire ring. Its 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire is surrounded by 14 smaller diamonds. This elegant design makes it fit for the Duchess’ refined, chic sense of style.


Clarity and Sparkle


Any sapphire will have tiny inclusions or imperfections. Often, sapphire stones are heat-treated to intensify its clarity. An expert cutter and jewellery designer will use this to their advantage.


Sapphires with inclusions, or ‘silk’, gives character to the stone. An example would be with star sapphires. Its inclusions refract to create a six-pronged star on its surface. This increases the market value of the stone, and makes for a stunning statement ring.


The Perfect Cut


Gemstones are often polished and cut to refract light brilliantly. For sapphires, cuts are done to highlight its colour and clarity.


This is unlike emeralds which have an ideal cut that is named after them. But, it all depends on an individual gemstone’s colour, lustre, and clarity.


Popular gemstone cuts include the oval, round, pear, and cushion cuts. Sapphires can also be polished into a cabochon, or non-faceted, stone. This is usually done when creating ‘star sapphires’.


Find the Perfect Engagement Ring from Reading Jewellers


No matter what cut or style you choose, a sapphire is truly fit for your tastes. Its azure hue serves as your “something blue” as you walk down the aisle. Wear a sapphire ring as a symbol of love and devotion to your future spouse.


Make your special day something worth remembering with this ring. Browse further from the Reading jewellery shop collections.




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