A timeless tradition

Jewellery engraving is the wondrous process of carving words, designs, or patterns into metal. Always in style and never going out of fashion, jewellery engraving dates back to ancient times.

From Ancient Egypt to Ancient China, hand engravers would carve symbols or messages on animal bone, tortoiseshell, or jade as a way of communication and personalisation, being reserved only for those with status.

Fast forward to today and still carrying on this tradition; jewellery engraving is both affordable and accessible as the perfect way to add individuality, style, and panache to any jewellery item.

Working closely with our own traditional hand engravers, we’re able to provide personalised engraving on purchased items such as engagement rings, wedding rings, cufflinks, necklaces, lockets, and presentation gifts.

We can sometimes engrave on items not bought from us, so worth contacting us first, perhaps send a photo.

Jewellery engraving services

Our engraving services are here to serve both your personal and corporate needs.

We work closely with traditional hand engravers for our jewellery & silver; providing a fast, efficient, and friendly service.

This guarantees you have that unique and memorable gift, to be cherished forever. On most occasions, we use hand engraving (styles below) but certain items can be machine engraved, with fewer style choices.

Personalised engraving

Jewellery engraving provides a special personal touch and can be customized to your desired taste and personality.

Ring engraving:

Wedding ring engraving or even engagement ring engraving is a popular choice for some couples.

As a symbolic tradition that has been around for centuries, our ring engravers etch both sets of initials or inscriptions on the inside of the rings and can include other meaningful symbols too.

Cufflink engraving:

It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for someone, but jewellery engraving is a great way to show someone that you care.

Often symbols of love, friendship, family and more, wearing a piece of jewellery that’s personalised with initials, or a meaningful word or phrase can be a great way to remember someone or an important time.

Personalised cufflinks are also beautiful items to be handed down to someone you care about, with the love and care shown each time they’re worn.

Family crest:

The meaning of a family crest is a symbol that is used for identification. In some cases, these crests are also used to represent one’s lineage.

With the talent of deep seal engraving, we offer signet ring engraving and cufflink engraving as spectacular ways to elegantly display your family crest.

Our master engravers will take into consideration all aspects including the design, shape, size, and style necessary to create the perfect family crest.

Corporate engraving

Want to make your name stand out in the crowd or show staff how special they are?

From glassware to silverware, we have engraving ideas that can help you bring your company message to life in a whole new way.

Company engraving:

From a business event to staff accomplishments, we can reproduce company logos on silver as well as handwriting for that extra-special presentation gift.

Jewellery engraving makes the perfect offering because it is something that will last for years and has a story behind it.

Engraving ideas and styles

Have it your way!

Subject to your item and how it’s made, you can choose from a range of jewellery engraving styles and tailor your experience, and we can recommend a suitable style. We use the National Association of Jewellers official engraving styles, as seen below.

National Association of Jewellers Style Guide - Jacobs the Jewellers

Whether you're looking for traditional jewellery engraving by hand or modern machine engraving, Jacobs has the perfect style and service for you.

You can see classic hand engraving styles here.

How to care for your jewellery engraving

Caring for your jewellery engraving properly is important if you want to preserve the beauty of the design on the surface of your metal.

Here are some tips:

Wipe off any dirt or sweat from the item before storing them because this can create dark spots on your metal engraving.

As much as possible, keep all your pieces away from contact with chemicals like lotions, perfumes, cosmetics etc., as they will damage the finish of the metal.

There are many other tips and assistance on our jewellery repair service page.

Hand-engraved quality

Priding ourselves on our high-quality craftsmanship and precision workmanship, we're here to help with anything from finding the right style for you or recommending the perfect gift to complete your order.

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and providing a superior customer experience. Combine our over 70 years in the industry, with our hand engravers experience in engraving for generations and we can assure you of expertise and quality when it comes to our engraving services.

Jewellery engraving has sentimental value to you or the receiver. It’s perfect if you are searching for something extraordinary or more meaningful than what you might see in store.

So, whether you're looking for deep seal engraving or surface stamping, we have what you need.

We’re just one click away

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch and contact us today to find out about the different jewellery engraving options that we have available to suit your needs!

You could even work with our design team to create bespoke handmade jewellery for that extra special touch!

Engraving price list

The below is a set of guide prices for our engraving services. In order to be sure we can help, we do need to see items, you can always contact us with a photo along with your requirements. 

Min Charge £75

Standard time-frame 3-4 weeks

Express service 1 week-10 days supplementary £25 charge

(subject to availability)

Inside an item in script or block


Wedding band



Tie pin


Other small items

Silver, Gold, Platinum



First 10 characters £75


Next characters £5 per letter / number

Hand engraving patterns on the outside of wedding rings

Individual estimates upon request

Outside a small item


Signet rings, Napkin rings 

Entwined Lettering

Silver, Gold, Platinum

First 2 characters £75


Next characters £20 per letter

Non-entwined lettering

Silver, Gold, Platinum

First 3 characters £75


Next characters £20 per letter


Entwined lettering pair

Silver, Gold, Platinum

2 characters £95 Total

Next characters £25 per letter

Outside a large item



Photo frame

Entwined Lettering

Silver, gold, Platinum

First 2 characters £85


Next characters £25 per letter

Non-Entwined lettering

Silver, gold, Platinum

First 2 characters £85


Next  characters £25 per letter

Christian name on Bangle, bracelet, ID bracelet in Script or Block

e.g. Emily

£75 per Christian name

Presentation Plaques (bronze, silver, brass)

(7x5 cm Silver plaque with a logo and up to 20 characters)

Approximately £185

Small charms

One side – script or plain, as much as fits 





Monograms, Seal + Crest engraving prices

Ciphers and monograms start from £75 

Crest, coat of arms, seal engraving starts from £450.

Download a PDF of our prices with associated images here.

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