Selling gold or broken jewellery that no longer has any sentimental value can be an easy way to make some money from an unwanted item. Scrapping/ selling gold, gold coins (like sovereigns or krugerrands), silver or platinum from an old piece of jewellery can sometimes realise money for you.

If you want to sell jewellery as an article, click here to read the right page. 

At Jacobs, we’ve been buying scrap jewellery for over 75 years in Reading and the Berkshire area. Whether you have items that are made from gold, silver or platinum, we’re happy to help.

Scrap gold prices today depend on the market value and how much precious metal the jewellery item contains, accounting for any gems or features that aren’t needed.

Because every piece of jewellery is different, we have to examine it carefully to work out whether it's something we’re able to help with. We’ll assess whether it’s fair for us to offer a scrap value or point you in the direction of someone who may want to buy it as an article of jewellery (we have a specific market in mind). 

We pay by cheque or BACS transfer only, no cash. We also require photographic ID with proof of ID and address, and you must be over 18. 

We can usually assess and offer on most items quickly, sometimes while you wait. On other occasions like busy times  in the shop or for large quantities we may require a few hours or a few days to go through items.

For unusual items and some gold coins we may need to send offsite for definitive testing - this makes sure we offer the right price to you. Please note we rarely buy silver coins. 

We will usually give a range price in this instance on certain assumptions, for instance if we believe the items were either 9ct or 18ct gold. If an item is sent away and quoted for, however subsequently the offer is rejected we may charge you a fee covering administration and postage to and from testing. We will always tell you about this before we send away. 

We can’t promise to buy everything we see but we will give you honest advice to help you.

We offer extra if you would like to part exchange your scrap towards a new item or service with us. 

For scrap buying we abide by the National Association of Jewellers' code of conduct.

Sometimes we may need to take expert advice from bullion or gold coin specialists, but we will always explain how this works at the time.

Scrap Gold Buying