Jacobs often buy customers’ unwanted jewellery (for example items made from of gold, silver or platinum) or some watches and have been trusted in doing so for almost 75 years within Reading and Berkshire. We’re always looking for good second hand pieces. Currently watches are not a focus of our attention though we'll always take a look for you.

You can also look to part exchange your pieces. Because every item is different, we'd have to see what you have and what you'd like to buy to work out whether it's something we help with. 

We pride ourselves on fair, honest and trustworthy advice which is why we’ve been giving peace of mind and security in Reading for almost 70 years. If you’re considering an auction house, you may wish to try us as we don’t have any fees or hidden charges.

We don’t promise to buy everything we see but we can give you honest advice to help you. We typically look for older pieces of jewellery to buy as articles but we do buy gold and silver for the ‘scrap’ value subject to testing and quantity. Please consider emailing us via our contact us page with a picture and / or scan of any paperwork you have for a quick idea. 

For articles we wish to buy, we may offer a straight cheque or BACS transfer (never cash). We are quite selective and have to take into account condition, remedial work required, style of piece and our current stockholding.

On rare occasions we do offer a commission sale structure called ‘Customer Goods On Sale’ whereby we take your goods, clean and polish them for a reduced fee and then place them for sale in the shop at a mutually agreed price. When the item sells we take a commission of 25% + VAT. Both these options can be used for a part exchange if desired, see below. If they don’t sell, you’re at liberty to collect them at any time.

We can typically give an immediate answer but on occasions may ask for a few days to check some details. We offer payment by cheque only and require photo ID and proof of address in all these circumstances.

We may also offer part exchange, subject to the items being considered for purchase and the items shown to us. If proceeded, we can also keep a credit on your Jacobs account to spend when and how you like.

Contact us for more information and you can always email us pictures of your items to give us an idea of what you have.