What are the benefits of choosing 18ct rather than 9ct gold?

Many people believe that due to its higher purity and the inherent relative softness of the pure metal, that 18ct gold is less durable than 9ct. In fact, with modern alloy technology, there is little to support this belief. Today’s 18ct alloys are at least equally as durable as their 9ct counterparts and offer the additional benefits of tarnish and corrosion resistance. 9ct may be harder, though it’s more brittle and doesn’t last as long as 18ct gold.

The benefits of choosing 18ct gold in a selection of jewellery:

  • The higher purity of 18ct gold means it is more resistant to tarnish and corrosion than lower carat alloys
  • 18ct yellow gold has a deep, rich and beautiful true ‘gold’ colour
  • Due to the higher gold content, items made in 18ct gold have substantially more ’solidity’ than 9ct items. The higher gold content gives them a heavier, more solid feel

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