Re-use and recycle your silver, gold or platinum for jewellery...

Re-use and recycle your silver, gold or platinum for jewellery...

We're often asked whether we can use your gold, silver or platinum to make something new, sometimes in bespoke design projects. Here’s my view as to some key things to know. As Jacobs in-house master goldsmith, I love working on these projects in our in-house workshop!
Sentimentality:  Re-melting old jewellery that's been given/handed down by a family member is a great way of making something new out of items that have a special emotional connection to you or your family. 
Economical: Using your own metal can often be less than you may expect to have a new item produced. This does depend on what you have and the design itself: you can always ask us to quote first. 
Hand-crafted: Having something commissioned that is hand-made is a really special way to create a one off piece of jewellery created by a talented craftsperson.
Eco-friendly: Re-using metal, whether its gold, silver or even platinum (sometimes - tricky to melt) means you know the exact provenance of the metal.
Some considerations to make are:
Amount of metal: sometimes we have to add metal to a mix to have enough material to work with. When we melt your items down, some elements from the alloy may bubble off when heated resulting in reduced volume to work with
Quality of alloy: because we’re heating and cooling a small batch, the ability to regulate pressure and quality in the metal isn’t the same as in a large scale manufacturing process (used for new pieces).  This may lead to a slightly less strong metal compared to starting afresh. This may be more or less important depending on the design you’ve chosen. Often customers are happy with this given the sentimental aspect mentioned above. 
Contact us for more information and for indicative pricing. Projects like this can take anytime from 3 weeks onwards.


If you'd like to know more, or would like us to help you with an enquiry, do make contact.

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Article by Gav S

Gavin has been working as a goldsmith for 25 years, began his trade at Sir John Cass college in London and manufactures & repairs all types of jewellery.

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