This gemstone’s colour ranges from pale pastel blue to a deep sea blue colour. No wonder why Greeks and Romans view Aquamarine as the sailor’s gem that will safeguard seafarers from the perils of the sea. But, did you know that this gem is also associated with marriage, health and fortune-telling?


As a valued gem of ancient lineage, there are many hidden lores behind the Aquamarine. The expertise of jewellery connoisseurs in Reading will unveil its hidden secrets to bring forth its wondrous nature.


Dive into the Mysteries of the Aquamarine Gem


Aquamarine a perfect birthstone for March. It has been connected with the concept of reconciliation, harmony, love and health.


For a wedding, it was considered the perfect morning gift to the bride by her groom following the consummation of marriage. It is also believed that it sparks lost love and rekindling marriages which makes it perfect as an anniversary gift.


During the middle ages, aquamarine is an effective Oracle. There are many methods of using this stone as a divining tool: it could be as a crystal ball or tying a thread around the stone and held above a bowl of water. It is also believed that if the stone is worn as an amulet, the wearer will be friendlier, more perceptive and energetic.


This exquisite gemstone’s soothing colours are undeniably pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, it enhances appeal because it naturally elicits an air of approachability and elegance.


What Makes Aquamarine a Desirable Gemstone?


The beauty of aquamarine encompasses a magnificent lore that is appropriate to its impeccable value. More than its lore, the value of the gemstone is definitely ineffable.


Because of its crystal blue nature, a faceted aquamarine has a vitreous lustre. Once light strikes the gem, it emits a remarkable sparkle.


Reading jewellery shops have aquamarine pieces which certainly reflects this amiable gemstone. Here are some of the pieces from jewellery experts in this area:


Aquamarine + Diamond Ring


The centrepiece of this ring is an expertly-cut 56ct aquamarine stone. As light hits its surface, the stone reflects different shades of blue in a beautiful pattern. The diamonds that adorn the sides and the white-gold band perfectly complements the entire piece.


Aquamarine Pendant


A charming pendant for all occasions. This quaint piece speaks the language of simplicity and elegance which is suitable for either formal or casual setup. The 18ct white gold delicately hugs the polished aquamarine.


Platinum Aquamarine and Diamond Dress Ring


This hallmarked platinum handmade cluster ring was carefully crafted to bring out the phenomenal quality of the aquamarine. The 3.10ct aquamarine has beautiful facets. Its shades of blue converge in the middle to create an extraordinarily deep colour. Hence, this piece gives the wearer an air royalty and approachability.


All these aquamarine jewellery pieces featured in this blog are just some of the innumerable works of artists in Reading area.


Shop for a Perfect Aquamarine Jewellery, Just for You


Jewellery is like the extensions of a personality. Since jewellery are associated with luxury, this highlights a person’s best qualities. It brings out the best in a person and promotes appreciating the self and your loved ones. So, it is important to look for the aquamarine piece that best defines you.


Experts can showcase a wide range of aquamarine pieces from Reading jewellery shops. Choosing Reading jewellers to look for the aquamarine jewellery will positively guide you to the perfect piece, just meant for you.




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