Rings embedded with diamonds will certainly never go out of style, but jewellery pieces seemingly capturing a piece of the blue sky holds a certain appeal. Even ancient people have been allured by turquoise, the sky-blue gemstone that’s rightly dubbed the “gemstone of the people”. Truly, gifting turquoise engagement rings is like gifting your special someone a piece of heaven on earth.

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Turquoise and the World

Turquoise is an opaque mineral and a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium. This mineral is often found amongst arid climates, including Iran, China, Egypt, and the American Southwest. The Persians were amongst the first ones to adorn turquoise, believing that this gem wards off unnatural death. In fact, turquoise has been embedded not only on jewellery pieces, but also on daggers, sabres, and bridles for horses, believing that those who wear the gem will never see poverty.

The Aztecs in Mexico also put high regard for turquoise, adorning their ceremonial masks with this hallowed gem. North American Indians, on the other hand, believe that turquoise allows them to open up a direct connection between the sea and the sky. Today, turquoise is still being used for gemstone therapy, since its cheerful and bright colour is said to endow people with more confidence.

Stunning Properties of Turquoise

Turquoise is amongst the few gemstones that, when untreated, may change colour. This is why often, turquoise is being treated with wax and hardened to retain its natural sky-blue or bluish-green colour. Often, turquoise also come with brown or black veins or blotches running along its surface, known as the turquoise matrix. Whilst turquoise comes in different shades of blue or blue-green, the most beautiful ones come in a radiant and splendid light blue, which is often mined in Iran.

Turquoise and Diamonds

Whilst jewellery pieces made of turquoise is available in the market today, only a few of them are made of the highest quality. In fact, jewellery experts are saying that real and high-quality turquoise may even be rarer than diamonds. Even so, seeing this stone embedded on engagement rings is enough to bring joy to every woman. One does have to bear in mind the softer wear characteristics of turquoise compared to other gemstones as it may not suit all lifestyles.

When combined, turquoise and diamonds are truly a match made in heaven. Engagement rings featuring turquoise show the best of both worlds, and can be the perfect combination of sacredness and clarity. Fortunately, finding this perfect match isn’t difficult to find, as Jacobs The Jewellers offers engagement rings in Berkshire and Reading. Jacobs specialises in producing diamond rings and offers a unique range. Surprise your loved one with a ring that’s both divine and stunning.


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