Holidays are fast approaching, and the season of gift-giving has arrived once more. Make this season even more special by giving the gift of jewellery to your loved ones this holiday season! After all, there’s no other gift that’s more welcomed or treasured than diamonds sparkling off a finely-wrought jewellery piece.

You might be overwhelmed, though, with all the choices you have once you go to jewellers. With all the amazing jewellery pieces that you can give to your loved ones, you’ll want to pick the one that will feel the most special. Before you start your search, here are some factors that you’ll need to consider first.

Look for Inspiration

Borrow a fashion magazine and browse for pictures of jewellery pieces. You can also try browsing through online inventories to look for gift inspirations. If you’re still having trouble narrowing down your choices, discreetly ask for your loved one’s opinion. If you’d rather keep your gift a surprise, you can turn to her friends or siblings for advice.

Stick with Her Style

You can also get ideas from her fashion preferences. For instance, it makes little sense for you to give a pair of hoop earrings when you know that she’s appalled with them. Make sure that, whatever piece you pick out, it will perfectly complement her style.

Give Her Something Symbolic

Gifts are more meaningful when they mean something to the recipient, and the same holds true for jewellery gifts. Think of a memory that you’ll want to immortalise, then think of something symbolic. Perhaps it could be a shape (like a heart) or an object (like a birthstone). Your loved one will definitely be touched when they are given a jewellery piece that has a deep meaning.

Some Helpful Ideas

Do you plan on giving a ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings? Whatever you choose, there are certain designs that you might want to choose from. If you’re giving her a pair of earrings, for instance, go for either diamond drop earrings or hoops. For something that she could wear around her neck, you can give her a simple yet elegant diamond necklace.

Unless you’re already engaged or married, stay away from giving rings. For your fiancée or wife, you can give a ring that perfectly matches her bridal jewellery. Here, you can go for rings with styles that are fashion-forward and trendy.

Keep these helpful tips in mind as you visit various jewellery shops in Reading, such as Jacobs. With any luck, you can find the perfect holiday gift for your loved one.


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