Indeed, it does feel wonderful to wear the newest luxury pieces. That is why most cannot help but be enamoured when they see new and interesting jewellery. But, let’s face it, not everyone is an expert when it comes to discerning an item. A buyer should be careful when purchasing a piece from an unfamiliar shop.


So, what are the qualities that we should look before buying jewellery? Read more on this blog and learn how to choose the right jewellery.


Qualities to Look for When Buying a Jewellery


High-end jewellery often hold high prices. This is especially true for unique and exotic pieces. As a result, some jewellers offer low-quality replicas whilst claiming authenticity.


So, when purchasing items from a new seller, take note of the item’s condition. Inspect the clasps since most imitations have poorly-made builds which can break easily. Test the stone and the prongs by lightly turning the gem. If it easily comes loose, then it is most certainly a fake item.


Finally, check the jewellery’s metal. Most precious metals are marked with a jeweller’s stamp to show the item’s quality. For example, gold metal works can have a 750 stamp and in the UK the corresponding hallmark. This means that the item has 75% gold content in the alloy.


Despite taking note of these qualities, however, crafty sellers still use underhanded methods to sell low-grade items. So, ensure you make purchases of jewellery pieces at trusted jewellery shops. These stores often have services which can secure the item’s value and could provide item insurance.


Added Assurance in Buying Items from Trusted Jewellery Shops


Many trusted jewellery shops offer fine, high-quality items. They can also showcase the works of various artisans and brands. Furthermore, established shops have expert jewellers who regularly inspects new items. So, you can be sure to find a new and exciting piece of authentic jewellery.


These stores also offer a variety of jewellery-related services. This includes concierge services, valuation and insurance, and engraving options.


Concierge Level Services


Some Berkshire jewellery shops also offer concierge level services for clients who are too busy. They can help you find the right jewellery in a jiffy. They can also provide a list of items that were recently added to the shop’s collection.


Valuation and Insurance


You can have a pre-loved jewellery piece that you are willing to part with or need documenting. Visit a shop that is accredited by the Institute of Registered Valuers and have them evaluate the item or give advice on part exchange. Their on-site jewellers can provide tips and advises about the usefulness of insurance, probate, or family division jewellery valuation.


Engraving Services


Reading jewellery shops work closely with traditional hand-engravers who can add details to your wedding rings, cufflinks, or presentation gifts. They can also provide deep seal engravings or cufflinks with your family crest. This added touch will truly make the item, one-of-a-kind.




Shop for Brand New Jewellery Pieces from Trusted Jewellers


Brand new jewellery pieces are always a captivating thing to behold. Its interesting and intricate styles capture our imagination. Yet, it is quite tempting to buy a piece that catches our attention. But, to guarantee that these items are authentic, get it only from a trusted source.


Shop for high-quality rings, necklaces, and earrings at established Reading jewellery shops today and flaunt your style.




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