Taking his inspiration from nature, art and fashion, Shaun Leane uses traditional goldsmithing and an artist’s originality to produce stunning fine jewellery. This has led his brand winning the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year award four times. 

Shaun Leane Silver Arc Bangle

He has designed bespoke pieces for the Royal Family and worked with Alexander McQueen and many other well-known names. Since the late 1990s, the brand has become one of the highest regarded jewellery design houses in the world. 

In this post we share our admiration for Shaun Leane jewellery, proving a worthy recommendation for any Christmas stocking. 

Shaun Leane Jewellery: A Seasonal Selection 

Here at Jacobs Christmas has truly arrived. If we ever needed an early start to festive celebrations it’s this year. We are unashamedly getting seasonal preparations underway. 

It’s a good time for everyone to begin thinking about what to get loved ones for Christmas. We like to recommend a few select brands from our most popular lines, and Shaun Leane jewellery is always a firm favourite. 

Shaun Leane Jewellery – A Brief History 

Leane began his career at the age of 15, as an apprentice in antique restoration and diamond mounting in a Hatton Garden workshop. Years of training in traditional goldsmithing taught him the skills necessary to craft his own style and eventually set up his own atelier and brand. 

The Shaun Leane jewellery house now revels in playfully breaking traditions, making exquisite fine jewellery with slick, elegant lines. Each piece is a work of art, fashioned by pre-eminent designers and masterful craftsmanship. 

His long-time collaborations with fashion designer Alexander McQueen went on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum. This is a sign of Leane’s true cultural and artistic significance, a small piece of which you can give to your loved ones this Christmas. 

Shaun Leane Collections at Jacobs 

Shaun Leane jewellery is characterised by beautiful mimicry of nature. Its smooth arcs are combined with unexpected sharp points in the forms of tusks, teeth, talons, thorns and bones.

Here are some examples of the stunning collections we stock at Jacobs, ready to find their way beneath your Christmas tree.


Shaun Leane Silver Arc Triple Ring

Coaxing precious metals into pieces of sculpted art, the Arc collection is perfect everyday wear for men. Sophisticated, precise shards of silver and gold lend understatement and balance to any look. 

Hooks and Talons 

Shaun Leane Yellow Gold Vermeil Hook Earrings

Turning the tools of predatory nature into delicate rings, earrings and bracelets, the Hooks & Talons collections reinvent the traditional jewellery hoop. Luxurious as they are, these pieces still evoke their visceral origins with a sharp sting in the tail. 

Rose Thorn 

Shaun Leane Silver Rose Thorne Band Ring

No shrinking violet, Leane’s Rose Thorn collection doesn’t shy away from harsh points. Metalwork inspired by nature’s gothic armour, this modern range for both men and women can be mixed and matched in silver, golds and even silver black rhodium. 

Serpent’s Trace 

Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil Serpents Trace Slim Bracelet

Another design collection is taken from the dark side of the natural world, the Serpent’s Trace line links snake vertebrae in a vicious circle you just can’t take your eyes off. Made from plated gold and silver links, these articulated structures are a bold statement on the wrist, finger, ear or neck. 


Shaun Leane Silver Quill Pendant

Inspired by the porcupine quills in his impressive collection of curiosities, the Quill range is fiercely contemporary and elegant. Single or multiple quills combine in earrings and cuff bracelets, giving the wearer the authoritative adornments of a tribal warrior. 


Shaun Leane Silver Diamond Crossover Earrings

Beginning life in the 1996 Hunger collection with Alexander McQueen, the Tusk Earring became the Sabre collection. These designs bear an animalistic beauty of strong, curving lines, some studded with diamonds. As everyday luxury items favoured by Meghan Markle amongst others, Sabre is said to be emblematic of the Shaun Leane House. 

Fine Gold Jewellery 

Shaun Leane 18ct White Gold and 0.35ct Diamond Outward Interlocking Engagement Ring

As well as Shaun Leane’s beautiful themed collections, the atelier also produce stunning individual pieces of gold jewellery. Amongst this set is the many gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands, all with the House’s signature lean towards natural curves. They are a particularly beautiful choice for those considering a festive proposal


For over two decades, the Shaun Leane brand has been producing award-winning luxury jewellery that has captured the attention of artists, fashion designers and those who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

The brand has come to be defined by its mix of reimagined conventional styles with expert goldsmith skill. The work has adorned catwalks, museum exhibition cases as well as the bodies of actresses, models and royalty. 

Every piece of Shaun Leane jewellery has been produced by the artistry of jewel designers and the hands of gifted craftspeople. Each is a work of wearable art, guaranteed to catch attention and elevate a festive outfit to new levels of sophistication. 

If you have someone in your life who appreciates the finer things and the feel of well-crafted fine jewellery, we’d strongly recommend an item from one of Shaun Leane’s collections this Christmas. 

Speak to one of our team by phone, email, Whatsapp or video consultation to discuss which Shaun Leane jewellery would best for your gift ideas.