It is the season when medieval couples once exchanged poetry to portray their passion. This month is considered to be the month of love - and of course Valentine’s day. What better way to celebrate February than getting married or planning your wedding?


There are few things more romantic than a wedding. Pledging yourself to the one you love may be the ultimate expression of affection. This vow is further solidified by the exchange of wedding bands. But, are you aware of the story behind wedding rings?


Marriage: A Solemn Promise Sealed by a Serene Wedding Band


Exchanging of wedding vows followed by the couple's wedding kiss are often the highlights of the marriage. 


The exchanging of rings during weddings has been a tradition for millenia. Around 4800 years ago, ancient Egyptians used sedges, rushes and reeds to create their marriage rings. A few centuries later, the Romans adopted this tradition and were the first ones to engrave their rings.


Later on, the early Christians used the rings for marriage ceremonies. These were designed with engraved doves, lyres or two linked hands. After a few centuries, these marriage rings were simplified by the Christian Church in the 13th Century.


Today, marriage bands are typically simple and rarely have intricate designs. Yet, many still relate these bands with romantic meanings.


Wedding Bands and its Meaning from Reading Jewellery Experts


Besides being the symbol of love, wedding rings, and the type of metal used to craft the jewellery, have various symbols and meanings. Here are some ideas for how to give added meaning to your wedding rings.


Circle Means Infinity


Many believe that the circle is a symbol of eternity. Thus, a matrimonial ring symbolises eternal love between two people.


Prestige in Platinum


Platinum symbolises opulence and grandeur. It is one of the most prestigious materials for wedding rings. This is usually made of at least 90% pure platinum. Jewellery made from this ingot is rather expensive. But, it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with sensitive skins.


Classic Yellow Gold


Yellow gold is more commonly used material for marriage rings. In fact, rumours state that the matrimony bands of Harry Prince of Wales and Meghan Markle would be a pair of welsh gold rings. This metal portrays a simple and practical style, which makes it ideal for couples with active lifestyles.


Lovely Rose Gold


This material is becoming increasingly more attractive as a wedding band option because of its underlying meaning. It is said that rose gold represents love unyielding. This makes it a popular pick amongst modern couples.


Find the Wedding Ring of Your Choice at Reading Jewellery Shops


A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it symbolises great love and commitment. But, a wedding band can have other meanings as well. Say, a serene and elegant Platinum Diamond Half Eternity Ring could be a perfect band for you.


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