Georg Jensen Official Brand Logo Established 1904

Our Nordic neighbours more or less invented the festive season as we know it. The Danes, Swedes, Finns and Norwegians are renowned for their happy organised, simplified way of living, and for their impeccable, minimalist style.

All these elements are captured in the jewellery from Danish design house Georg Jensen. For over a century the brand have crafted some of the most exquisite silver collections and become a world-recognised name in luxury designer jewellery.

Started by a man who was as much sculptor and artist as silversmith, Georg Jensen jewellery truly makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Georg Jensen Jewellery for a Danish December 

Choosing Christmas presents can be a difficult process. It’s one of the busiest seasons for us at Jacobs, but every year some people come into our Reading jewellery store and don’t quite know what they’re looking for.

Every December customers experience the same worries when it comes to finding a gift of luxury jewellery for a loved one:

  • What is their preferred style of jewellery?
  • Do they have a similar item already? 
  • Will this piece go with their existing wardrobe? 
  • Will they like it?

Sadly, we can’t answer many of those questions for you without knowing the recipient. However, we can and regularly do advise customers that you can’t go wrong with the style and elegance of a Georg Jensen Christmas gift

Let us tell you a little more about this fabulous jewellery brand and recommend a few popular items to make your Christmas jewellery shopping experience a little more straightforward. 

Joy and Artistic Elegance: the Georg Jensen Ethos 

Georg Jensen always wanted to be a sculptor, so after undertaking an apprenticeship with a goldsmith at an early age, he also attended the Danish Royal Academy of Art. 

This training, as well as stints as sculptor and potter were inspirations that fed into his design and metalwork when he became a committed silversmith and jewellery maker. 

Silver became Jensen’s precious metal of choice, reflecting in 1926 that, “I felt that in silver I could unite my skills as a sculptor and a smith.” The high quality silverwork that still encompasses the brand’s range today is testament to his gifts with the material. 

Combining fluid art nouveau shapes with later art deco arrangements, Georg Jensen had a sculptor’s eye for artistic boldness, always being “guided by the present”

The brand went on, with a number of talented collaborators, to design not only jewellery, but also watches, homeware, and dining collections. All in Jensen’s timeless Scandinavian style of functionality and aesthetic minimalism. 

As for Jensen jewellery, each piece is made by a single craftsman and is initialled by the artist to give the bearer a sense of authenticity.

Georg Jensen Christmas Gift Ideas 

No matter who you’re shopping for this Christmas, every piece of Georg Jensen’s jewellery collection is a work of glamorous art and craftsmanship. 

Here are just a few stunning examples of contemporary silver and goldwork from the Scandinavian jewellery experts to inspire your gift choices: 


Named for the mathematical concept of a shape with one side, the Möbius collection uses silver twists to complete the elegant infinite design. This series was created in the late 1960s by one of Georg Jensen’s greatest collaborators, the Swedish designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe.

Georg Jensen Moebius Sterling Silver Collection

A perfect symbolic Christmas gift for a long-term partner, the never-ending pattern is a timeless creation. The Möbius comes in several creative, swirling varieties, in earring, ring, bangle, and pendant forms. 


Georg Jensen’s Fusion series was invented by Danish goldsmith Nina Koppel. Customisable, interlocking yellow, white or rose gold rings can be added over time, to mark special occasions or relationships as they develop.

Georg Jensen Fusion Ring Series Collection


The Fusion rings are the ultimate personal storytelling jewellery. Whether someone’s celebrating a new milestone with a sapphire or diamond addition, or welcoming a new family member for example, there are dozens of possible combinations. Curate an individual narrative through this contemporary “mix and match” jewellery. 


With bold, smooth shapes, the Curve range has a sensual beauty to each carefully crafted piece. Fashioned by another Danish goldsmith, Regitze Overgaard, this selection features rounded silver and 18ct gold pendants, rings, bangles and earrings. 

Georg Jensen Curved Ring Collection

Each of these thoughtful jewellery pieces is an inventive form of the simple arc. Dressed up or paired with a casual outfit, the perfect Curve collection was born this year to go with anything. 


Using just the bare minimum to conjure the mathematical infinity symbol from Sterling silver or gold, Overgaard’s witty creations are another elegantly simple token of love for a lifelong partner. 

Georg Jensen Infinity Silver Ring Collection


Adding the sparkle of gemstones to minimalist Scandinavian design, Vivianna Torun’s Savannah series is one of the jewels in the crown of the Georg Jensen collection. 

Georg Jensen Vivianna Torun Savannah Collection Series

Topaz, amethyst, crystal and citrine gemstones are set exquisitely in Sterling silver. A dazzling find for a woman who likes to draw an admiring gaze when she enters a room. 


Sensual and sensuous, Mercy is a unique, eye-catching range for Georg Jensen by Jacqueline Rabun. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles that seem to intertwine themselves around the wearer, this is one of the brand’s most passionate series. 

Georg Jensen Jacqueline Rabun Mercy Collection Series

Georg Jensen suggests these shapes are a reminder to always be compassionate. It’s clear from looking at the range that whoever you buy a piece of Mercy jewellery for is unlikely to forget.


These are just a selection of the gorgeous Georg Jensen jewellery range we sell at Jacobs. Many of our Berkshire customers come back to this famous Danish brand again and again, having fallen in love with its authenticity, workmanship and stunning design. 

The Scandi jewellery house has been making exquisite jewellery for over a century, and the artistry of their silversmith work cannot be outdone. There’s a fantastic array of styles and pieces within their offerings, so there’s something for everyone. That’s why we invariably recommend Georg Jensen jewellery to anyone looking for the perfect present this Christmas. 

Book a consultation to view your favourite pieces to see the beauty of Georg Jensen jewellery for yourself.