Jensen apprenticed as a goldsmith and studied sculptor. He developed an eye for what he wanted but included many other designers for a collaborative effort, rather than relying solely on his own judgment. Between him and several others, they continued to design with new ideas and new influence. Their work in silver and metal as jewellery and for the homemade them in high demand locally and abroad.


Jensen is noted for saying, "Do not follow fashion, but be guided by the present." He followed his own path, as did the designers who trained under him. When he passed away at the age of 69, his obituary in the New York Herald Tribune deemed him as "the greatest silversmith of the last 300 years."


Georg Jensen Collections Stand Out from any Crowd


Today, the name Georg Jensen in jewellery continues to stand out as elegant and innovative. The Georg Jensen jewellery of today follows the path Jensen set so many years ago. Many of the designs are made of simple, yet elegant lines with hints of the Art Nouveau influence of the early 1900s, and the Art Deco period that followed.


Each piece is made by one craftsman from start to finish. 


Various collaborators and designers influenced some of the now most famous and sought-after Georg Jensen lines including Swedish designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, who first developed the Torun bangle in her name, as well as the Vivianna Bangle watch. Perhaps one of the best-known Georg Jensen lines today is that of the Fusion ring, designed in much later years by Nina Koppel, the daughter of designer Henning Koppel who also worked with Jensen, following WWII.


The Fusion Ring


Each Fusion ring is as unique as the buyer who purchases their own desired units of yellow, white, or rose gold, with or without diamonds or other gemstones. The pieces interlock much like a jigsaw puzzle to form some of the most stunning ring jewellery designed in recent times. These rings can be modified at any time substituting one unit with another.


Newer pieces have been added to this line in recent times including a fused bangle, an openwork pendant, and openwork earrings.


The Torun


As previously mention ed, the classic Torun bangle was an original design by Vivianna Torun expressing outbound communication by the individual wearing it. The legend of the bangle is that if clasped it means you are in a relationship. However, if worn unfastened it shows a sign of availability. Today, this bangle is available in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold, with or without diamonds. It is available in a variety of sizing.


The Dew Drop Collection


Strikingly feminine, the Dew Drop is yet another design by Torun, who used droplets of silver or gold with sparkling stones for these creations. The Dew Drop collection, which exudes class and elegance, includes necklaces and earrings, as well as bangles.


The Offspring Collection


Created by designer Jaqueline Rabun, the Offspring Collection symbolizes the bond of a mother and her child. The pendant, bangle, and bracelet egg-shaped pieces in this line come together to represent the bond between the two. Earrings are also available.


How to know if a Particular Item is truly a Real Georg Jensen


As with many good designers, there may be copycats out there trying to demand the price of a true Georg Jensen jewellery piece. Determining whether a piece is a Georg Jensen or a fake is really fairly simple. Georg Jensen has long had its own trademark.


Look for a specific designer's name, or a personal mark, etched into the piece in non-conspicuous location along with the Georg Jensen logo or name. More recent jewellery may only have the designer's initials with a number for the piece. For example, a fusion ring unit may be marked with an NK for Nina Koppel, a number, and with the Georg Jensen name or logo.


Let us not forget the mystery and magic of Magic. Designer Regitze Overgaard's use of yellow and white gold and diamonds is reticent of some of the most sensual forms nature has offered us. Jacobs the Jeweller offers the diamond pendant on a white gold chain with white gold earrings laced in diamonds to match, as well as other magical designs from this collection.


What Georg Jensen Jewellery you can find at Jacobs the Jewellers


We are as fascinated with Georg Jensen as so many of our customers. As such, you will find a wide variety of Georg Jensen bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings and more here in our Reading store.

To not carry and show off the Fusion line would be a travesty. Nina Koppel's intricate attention to detail is truly a work of art. We have several centres and end ring pieces in stock in yellow, white, and rose gold. Some are plain gold, while others have varying amounts of diamonds from edging to a full diamond pave. If we are currently out of your size, we can order it.


We also have many individual pieces of Vivianna Torun's Torun bangles, bracelets, and rings in sterling silver and 18 ct. yellow gold. To give one of these bangles is a true gift of love. Following the tradition, just make sure your special someone wears it with a closed clasp.


Speaking of love….Any piece from the exquisitely elegant Mercy collection is a symbol of love. Newly introduced in 2019, the Mercy range of bangles, earrings and pendants has proved an immediate success and a wide range is held in store. 


Some five decades old, the Möbius collection is as popular today as in the late 1960s and 1970s when select items first appeared. As defined by the Oxford Learners' Dictionary, in math "a möbius is a surface with one continuous side, formed by joining the ends of a strip of material after twisting one end through 180 degrees." In Georg Jensen jewellery, we would add the sensuous fluid shape of each silver piece inspires reflection. Our displays include a sterling silver Möbius ring and a sterling Möbius bangle. If we don't have your size in stock, we can order it for you.


Caring for Georg Jensen Jewellery


When investing in something as fine as Georg Jensen jewellery, you want to assure the ultimate in care for each piece. Different precious metals require different care; the same is true with diamonds, various other gemstones, and pearls.


For sterling silver, use a soft polishing cloth to clean. Avoid letting tarnish build-up. Do NOT use a silver dip, as while it will show off an immediate shine, it may corrode the surface allowing tarnish to build up faster than before while being harder on the silver itself. Again, fine jewellery such as Georg Jensen pieces should be handled with the utmost in care.


Yellow gold or platinum pieces should be polished with a soft piece of leather designed for jewellery washing. The Georg Jensen white gold pieces are rhodium plated turning the alloy white. Eventually, the white intensity may wear off, depending upon how it reacts to an individual's skin, and how often it is worn. Here clean by allowing the piece to soak in a light amount of washing-up liquid soap with warm water.


Before cleaning diamonds or other gemstones, check to assure that each stone is secure in its fitting. It is a good idea to have any piece of jewellery with diamonds, or other stones, checked annually by Jacobs the Jewellers, with special detail to rings. This is also a recommendation made by Georg Jensen upon purchasing any pieces of their jewellery pieces.


Diamonds and most other gemstones can be cleaned with warm, soapy water using a soft toothbrush. Make sure to rinse with warm to hot water. Pearls, being organic, should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Pearls are quite sensitive to today's cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, and extreme temperature changes. When not being worn, any jewellery with one or more pearls should be stored in its own soft bag of velvet.


Bring a premier independent jeweller, Jacobs does, of course, carry a wide range of specialist jewellery cleaning products, seen here


When searching for that special piece of authentic Georg Jensen jewellery for that someone very special, or for yourself, look no further than the expert staff at Jacobs the Jewellers. The Douglas Jacobs House is located in Reading, Berkshire at 25 King Street. Our top-of-the-line jewellery store is just a five-minute walk from the Reading mainline railway station and 25 minutes by train from London Paddington. We are open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 to 18:00 and closed on Bank Holidays.