Every piece of fine jewellery requires maintenance and repair at some point to keep its beauty, lustre and value. Ensuring that your pieces receive adequate service will help them last for the generations to come. If you’re looking for jewellery repair and reworking services in Reading, look no further: Jacobs, one of the most reputable and trusted jewellery shops in the region, is here to keep your precious stones and metals at their best.

We perform all kinds of restoration and repair work including, but not limited to, refinishing or polishing pieces for a brand-new look, repairing damaged chains or clasps of necklaces and bracelets, tightening loose claws, and resizing pieces to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

Our experts in Reading are highly skilled in customisation, as well. We can rework heirlooms into engagement rings, and we can engrave your special message inside too! If there are jewellery pieces you don’t wear for a reason (e.g. they don’t match your style or preference), we can customise them into pieces you’ll truly love.

Most of our repairs are done in-house and on-site, so you can be confident that your jewellery is only in a single location and is well-looked after. This allows us to perform repairs as fast as possible, with most projects lasting for about 10 working days.

Since January 2015, we’ve been offering an Express Repair service (between 1 and 4 hours). This depends on the capacity of the shop during the day and the type of repair needed. Please do book in advance and bring the actual piece to our shop to let us determine the best price and time available for you.

We update customers about our work’s progress via phone, text message, or email. For more complex types of service, we have an established offsite network of repair professionals.

Jacobs prides itself in providing its clients with everything they need to make informed decisions. We have standard pricing structures set in place, and we will be glad to provide you estimates upon request.

We’ve been serving satisfied customers in Reading, Wokingham, Henley on Thames, Maidenhead, and Hook for over 65 years now. For more information, feel free to browse the rest of our website.