Whether just to celebrate or giving a special gift to someone in January, garnet has distinctive and specific connotations as it’s the birthstone for January. For some people, garnet is a traditional gemstone similar to ruby. But nowadays, garnet is more often seen as modern and warm.


So, find out more on this blog about garnet’s symbolism and its meaning and learn some gift ideas from Jacobs, trusted Reading jewellers.


Fun Facts about Garnet, Symbolism and its Meaning


Do you know that Kate Middleton often wears a pearl and garnet gold ring? The Duchess of Cambridge was born on the 8th January, which makes garnet as her birthstone.


Known as the “Gem of Faith”, garnet is thought to bring good fortune to those wear it. Also, the word “gernet” meant dark red, resembles the lush colour of pomegranate seeds [The Diamond Pro].


During the Roman Empire, people also believed that this precious gemstone is a traveller’s protection against danger. The legends also tell us that garnet holds plenty of power because of its distinct hues. No wonder, such kind of gemstone is appealing to any form of jewellery.


Looking Great with These 3 Stylish Garnet Gift Ideas


Perhaps the warm tones of garnet jewellery can add a youthful attribute to the wearer. Its luscious colour in any setting can stand out on anyone, especially complementing olive skin tones. Ranging in styles and shapes, this 3 stylish garnet jewellery is definitely a worthy find.


Yellow Gold Garnet Pendant

When it comes to necklaces, this pear shape garnet pendant is truly charming. This birthstone pendant is matched with an 18ct gold link chain, which makes it a superb layering piece. A stunning gift for special someone you want to please.


Garnet and Diamond Earrings

This set of garnet and diamond stud earrings flaunt vintage-inspired details with innate feminine flair, all crafted in 18ct yellow gold. A perfect treat.


White Gold Garnet and Diamond Necklace

This 18ct white circular gold garnet and diamond necklace is simply fabulous. The gemstone pendant features a brilliant, rich colour cabochon garnet framed by white gold and diamonds. A fabulous treasure you can adore.


Shop for Show-Stopping Garnet Jewellery in Reading Today


Garnet is a good choice for show-stopping jewel pieces. It is said to bring love, loyalty, fortune, health and friendship. Apart from being a birthstone, it is also a gem traditionally gifted on second wedding anniversaries.


Surprise your loved ones, discover more vibrant and stylish garnet jewellery in Reading today.




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