For January celebrants, your birthstone is the precious Garnet. It possesses a rich red tone – a perfect resemblance to the formation of pomegranate seeds. But, do you know that not all garnets are red in colour?


Read on and start a year falling in love with these finest and meaningful birthstone. This blog is all about garnet, its metaphysical properties and its richest lore.


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So, as a new year starts, let the birthstone, garnet, fill your hearts with love and compassion as it symbolises trust, faith and constancy. This precious stone is said to inspire commitment, fidelity, devotion and monogamous and stable marriage to couples. And, it is more than just a pretty gemstone. For thousands of years, Garnet has lived a glamorous life as a gemstone.


Besides couples, this versatile gemstone can also be embraced by anyone and makes a great addition to your jewellery collection.


Discovering Garnet and Its Rich Lore Shared By Jacobs the Jewellers



Garnets have been valued for both its beauty and practical nature for centuries. It is considered as a semiprecious stone that varies in degree of transparency. Garnet may also be difficult to distinguish from rubies with a naked eye as it has similar properties.


Here are some of the interesting facts about garnet and discover more of its fascinating lore and stories.


Not all Garnets are Red


Garnets come in many other colours, too. Some are even colourless whilst other garnets are romantic pink, vibrant green, and the rarest blue colour. But, the most common hues are the beautiful range of rustic reds.


It Is More than Just a Pretty Gemstone


In the beginning of Roman times, garnets were thought to have strong curative powers. In a powder form, it was used as a poultice to relieve fever. Travellers also used it as amulets for it is said to protect and preserve health and honour. In Asia and American Southwest, garnets are used as bullets because it is believed to cause a wound more dangerous.


Garnets Have Been Around for a Long Time


The remnants of garnet jewellery can still be found as far as 3000BC. Egyptians used garnets as inlays in their jewellery and carving and it is also said that it symbolises life. Garnets can also be found in a wide array of jewellery pieces during the Roman times. From stunning tiaras to beautiful rings, garnets are breath-taking gem pieces.


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Garnet is believed to be a balance of yin and yang energies. But, in earlier times, garnets were exchanged as gifts to demonstrate love and affection.


Now, this garnet gemstone became more beautiful as fine jewellery pieces due to quality craftsmanship of jewellery designers. So, find your perfect garnet jewellery and other bespoke designs today.




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