In line with his delight in natural structures, his jewellery reflects the serene lines flowing through the exquisite gems, mirroring the beauty and harmony of nature. As a spectacle of class and elegance, these timeless pieces are true treasures in our infinite era. 


So, on this blog, allow us to show you the hallmarks of authentic Georg Jensen jewellery and where to find the finest collections before choosing your favourite signature pieces.


Reading Jewellers’ Guide in Finding Genuine Georg Jensen Jewelleries


How do you determine the hallmarks of an authentic Georg Jensen jewellery?


The main trademark of an authentic Jensen piece is the designer’s name itself, initials or personal marks are etched in a clandestine manner. In some of his pieces, only the initials and model number are added. To continue his work, artists were trained using his principles as the foundation of their pieces.


At present, one can determine the works of his artists by checking for their initials on each piece. Take a look at some its authentic signature pieces at Reading jewellery shops.


Showcasing Georg Jensen’s Finest Collections from Reading Jewellers


Authentic pieces sold in Reading Jewellery shops are accompanied with comprehensive information as per availability of records. Information such as description, design year, and artist are provided.


Agate Bangle


The Agate Bangle designed in 1968 and launched in 2013, features a black agate as its centrepiece. Mirroring a calm night sky, it is supported by a simple yet a well-contoured soft sterling silver bangle.


Savannah Amethyst Ring


Who wouldn’t be delighted on finding an enchanting ring? A Savannah Amethyst ring is the definition of simply beautiful. The exquisite Amethyst framed with delicate curves highlights elegance, giving off an air of sophistication.


Sterling Silver Infinity Pendant


Let us not forget how necklaces adorn our person. The exquisite Sterling Silver Infinity Pendant pave set with diamonds is truly a fine jewellery. This tiny pendant is amiable for a wonderful time together with your loved ones. A shimmer in the moonlight or the gentle rays of the sunlight is wonderfully captured and echoed in this piece.


Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings


The Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings pave set with diamonds undeniably captures the essence of finesse. The slight curve of the earrings gently cocoons the auricle, making it natural and comfortable. This wonderful piece brings out the best in you. 


Shop for the Finest Georg Jensen Jewellery Today 


Georg Jensen’s lovely jewellery continues to be an exquisite collection. Sophistication is the essence of his works, reflected by the delicate curves present in his jewellery pieces. This makes it the preferred choice among buyers. Its designs are paragons of timelessness. Suitable for different occasions and settings, the pieces will never go unfashionably. 


So, find the right piece of jewellery that best defines you and shop only at Reading Jewellery shops today. 




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