One of our ambitious goals is to raise £70,000 for the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity. Our in-house designers and goldsmiths will be designing and making 7 unique jewellery pieces.


Amongst that will be crafted by the jewellers is a stunning design inspired by of Art Deco jewellery. This design of jewellery embodies the glamour and decadence of the roaring 20s. Its twinkling beauty has a timeless characteristic with bold delineated geometric shapes and stunning colours. Thus, its design will be a real showstopper.


On this blog, we’d like to show you why this jewellery style continue to inspire many jewellery designers today.


Art Deco-Inspired Jewellery Set To Come Back By Reading Jewellers


In jewellery, the popularity of art deco designs has waxed and waned across the trends. But, its astounding characteristics remain an inspiration to several jewellers. Today, it is set to come back in the limelight. And, this time, it’s for a charitable cause.


Art deco typically feature diamonds of varying sizes, along with the colourful precious and semi-precious gemstones for an impressive sparkling effect. So, if you have plans of adding these designs to your private collections, know the basic highlights of these jewellery pieces.


Reading Jewellers Bringing Back the Art Deco in Style


Add some dash and excitement to your outfit and learn how to stay traditionally in vogue with these designer pieces. These precious jewels can practically complement your style in a bolder way.




Featuring large, natural stones, semi-precious or precious gemstones, or diamonds, drop earrings are a perfect match for flapper styles of dresses and accessories.




Often, necklaces feature numerous beads or pearls in a variety of colours. These usually have extremely long strands of beads or pearls and wrapped around the neck multiple times to create a layered look. It is best worn to provide contrast to the tones in an outfit or a dress.




One popular type of this jewellery is the cocktail rings. These are worn as statement pieces or fashionable accessories. Rings with these jewellery designs feature large, centred gems to flaunt the wearer’s style. Other pieces of rings are either made of white gold or platinum.


Bracelets and Bangles


Cuff-style bracelets are worn to balance the look of the arms in short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits. These signature pieces feature large, coloured gemstones and often studded with brilliant-cut diamonds or crystals.


Find Stunning Jewellery Design Pieces at Jacobs the Jewellers


Jewellery designs reflect tremendous changes that occurred during the age of modernisation and industrialisation. Its geometrical shapes and symmetrical designs signify luxurious finishes and bolder statement. So, look no further and shop at Jacobs the Jewellers to find stunning jewellery pieces today.




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