Christmas gifts can hold an extra special significance. Something for our family and friends to hold close when we can’t be.


In this festive post, we’ll show you how to make gifts of jewellery more than just beautiful objects to unwrap under the tree.


Christmas Jewellery: Gifts More Treasured Than Transactional


A lot of the last few years has been about distance. It’s unnatural for us to be so far apart from other human beings, especially our loved ones.


Now, at this time of giving, it’s all the more important to let our friends and family know how much they mean to us.


For us as jewellers, that means finding a truly considered gift. That means items that are:

  • a sign of how loved and important they are to us,
  • an everlasting fond memory of our thoughts and affections, and
  • reminders of us when we’re unable to be with them.


The Present Moment


The National Association of Jewellers has summed it up in a Christmas campaign slogan: “The Present Moment”.


“Treasure your past, love your future. Choose The Present Moment.”


To us this means helping our customers find jewellery that tells the recipient how we feel about them now.


Objects that encapsulate the loving history of close relationships.


Jewellery of personal significance that will last for a long time.


But most importantly, while we can’t be physically close, we can give things that will make them think of us now, and make them smile. 


Meaningful, Memorable Gifts


Our first recommendation is to make your presents stand out.


Instead of thinking, ‘What do they like?’ think, ‘What do I feel about them, and how can I make that personal?’


Consider a ring or bracelet engraved with a message or date, or set with a particular gemstone that symbolises something to them.


The aim is to find something particularly memorable and special to that person.


Spend a little more than usual this year, if you can afford to be decadent, and put some ceremony into the wrapping or messaging to make it an important memory for them.


Bremont ALT1-C/CR Classic Watch


To take an example of Jacobs' memorable recommendation, this aviator-style watch is a considered, stylish timepiece. For a discerning man, it can make an astonishing gift and a timeless heirloom.


Platinum Diamond Ring


A truly special Christmas present, this platinum ring with 0.82 carats of graduating diamonds is astounding. Perhaps adding a personal engraving on the inside will spell out what the recipient really means to you. If she’s not expecting such an extravagant gift this year, it’ll be all the more special.


18ct Yellow Gold Knot Earrings


These elegant ribbon-like golden knots would look perfect nestled in a festive green or red box, perhaps adorned with real ribbon.


9ct Solid Yellow Gold Bangle


A classic design like this gold bangle from our collection at Jacobs can be exalted to an even more precious gift with some personal touches. Ask your jeweller about engraving a name or favourite phrase or quote.


Alternatively, wrap it up along with your favourite photos and a touching message to turn this simple jewellery into a lifelong treasure.


How to Elevate a Beautiful Gift


Purchasing an exceptional piece of jewellery is, in itself, the most powerful expression of sentiment you can make this Christmas.


However, there are several ways you can raise up the experience of receiving this valuable item even further:


1. Turn an old piece of jewellery into a new one


Perhaps there’s an old family heirloom that’s lying unloved in a drawer or jewel box. Jacobs and many other independent jewellers are experts at repurposing old jewellery.


This process creates new jewellery while maintaining the sentimental value of the existing diamond, ring, necklace or pendant.


Stones in a new setting, or turning metalwork into different designs or sizes are some of the most popular ways of reusing old jewels with love and sensitivity.


Whilst not always possible in a tight time frame, a Design Gift Certificate in a presentation box from Jacobs can fit the bill. 


2. Imaginative, emotive present wrapping


Apart from stunning jewellery, nothing shows you care more than demonstrating that you’ve spent time and effort on your gift.


Find a beautiful wooden box, a luxurious silk lining, pinecones, elaborate ribbons, wax seals, glittering paper, favourite scents – anything to elevate the object under the tree above all the other gifts.


And since the present itself represents something close to your heart, include accompanying evidence in the box!


Furnish the wrapping with cherished old photos or small tokens from shared moments in your past to pull even firmer on the heartstrings.


3. A Jeweller’s touch


We’ve already mentioned personal engravings that jewellers can add to your chosen ring or bracelet. This is a popular, thoughtful choice, but not the only way your local jewellery store can help elevate your precious gift.


Initial engravings and birthstones are common specialties of independent jewellers.


Adding your loved one’s initials or theirs and yours together, is a simple sign of thoughtful personalisation and can be added after presentation, once you know they love the gift!


Good jewellers always know about birthstones and can make excellent personal recommendations based on just a few questions in a brief consultation.


If you’re stuck, tell your jeweller about the recipient and ask what they suggest!


The Present Moment itself: Ways to Add to the Excitement on Christmas Day


Gift giving is not just an exchange of items or ripping open wrapping paper. It’s a whole ritual – especially on Christmas.


Whether you come down first thing on Christmas morning or wait patiently to open presents as a family after lunch, every household has its own traditions.


Unforgettable Unwrapping


The key to a meaningful moment of festive dazzle is to build up the entire ritual bigger than ever before.


Even if you can’t spend Christmas with your loved ones, there are still ways to make a timeless memory of the present opening ceremony!


Christmas Morning Gift Opening Ideas


1. In-person surprises


Some of us are lucky enough to live with our loved ones, or we can be with them on Christmas this year. If that’s you, there are a whole range of ways you can make the present moment one they’ll never forget.


From a treasure hunt around the house to encasing the jewellery in layers of ice in the freezer, do something new and unexpected around the home to reveal the gift.


A thrilling surprise after they’ve followed a series of cryptic clues through cupboards and under beds is festive fun for everybody – not just kids. What’s more, it increases the stakes and suspense before revealing a great gift.


2. Video Christmas call


Sadly, not everybody can give gifts in person. But we’re now all familiar with Zoom and other video calling platforms.


Deliver your parcel by post or by hand ahead of time – or prep a member of their household to keep it secret before Christmas Day.


Then invite family and friends to join you online (and hit ‘record’!) when your gift is being unwrapped so you can savour the moment of joy from afar.


Gold, silver and precious gemstones glitter just as well on camera!


3. Think outside the Box


Together or not, there’s plenty you can do with the present wrapping itself to add to the big moment.


Put the jewellery in a different box to initially put them off the scent. When they see a beautiful piece of jewellery instead of running shoes you’re sure to get a much bigger reaction.


If you have craft skills – or time on your hands to learn some – draw, paint, saw, weld or knit personalised wrapping for your jewellery gift. Something they can store the item in after unwrapping is even better.


A Meaningful Gift 


As Adam Jacobs, our managing director says, people this year want to give something unique and personal. A physical and emotive object of real value that only jewellery can deliver.


18ct Yellow Gold 0.54ct Ruby & 0.15ct Diamond Ring


This unique, dazzling ‘bubble’ ring consists of 6 diamonds and 6 rubies in a contemporary rub over setting. The look on the face of this gift’s new owner when they unwrap it will surely be priceless


Emerald and Diamond Pendant  


Set in 18ct white and yellow gold, this 1.09ct emerald is a bright, vibrant gemstone. Guaranteed to bring a glow to anyone’s Christmas morning.


Conclusion – Let a Jeweller Help You Choose the Perfect Piece


Picking a piece of jewellery to represent your strongest feelings of affection isn’t necessarily a straightforward task.


To find the item that will symbolise your love and adoration for a lifetime requires experience and deep knowledge of quality jewellery.


Jacobs has been providing gift ideas and inspiration to customers for over 70 years. 2020 is the first time we’ve had to consult with so many customers via the internet and from afar.


But this Christmas may also be the year when people want to show their lasting adoration more than ever before.


We’re experts in helping you find the item for the present moment. We have an unrivalled range of exquisite pieces for all styles and tastes, perfect for a box under any Christmas tree.


Get in touch or come into our Reading store to speak to our friendly, experienced team.


We want your friends and family to think of you in your absence and to wear a little bit of love until you can safely be reunited once more.


Happy Christmas from all of us at Jacobs!