Reading, England (05 January 2017) – Award-winning jeweller in Reading, Jacobs the Jewellers, has announced not just one, but two new brand partnerships in time for the New Year.

Jacobs are now offering two new product lines featuring elegant and sophisticated accessories, both for men and women alike. These partnerships are with brands Wolf and Deakin + Francis, both of which focus on practical and stylish items, such as watch and jewellery cases.

The Wolf Pack

The brand Wolf is backed by a solid 180-year-old history in jewellery ad watch box-making. Their mission has always been to deliver products that are made of perfection, and embodying luxury and elegance.

For this tie-up, Jacobs the Jewellers will be featuring their roll-up cases for watches, perfect for safekeeping during travels. With this, the shape of the wrist band will be retained, and expensive materials, such as leather, will be able to keep its integrity.

They also have on offer a 10-piece watch box, perfect for the avid watch collector. Watches need not be displayed only when worn; it can also look stylishly arranged inside a protective case that will ensure these precious items will last for longer. Those who are very particular about the quality of watches they invest in, and the consequent care required, will certainly benefit from having a well-made, top quality watch box.

Deakin + Francis

There are many different ways to spruce up a man’s attire. It doesn’t have to be all plain and formal all the time. Those who want to bring a little more pop of stylish personality can turn to the new Francis + Deakin cufflinks collection coming soon to Jacobs the Jewellers.

From formal designs more playful ones, featuring items such as miniature propellers, cute bumble bees, hot and spicy chilli cufflinks, and more, the wearer can be sure to have fun putting them on.

Those who would like to have a livelier selection of cufflinks in their collections can trust in the original designs expertly crafted and executed by Deakin + Francis. It definitely helps, too, that the company has been proudly producing and manufacturing cufflinks and other accessories since 1786, thereby leaving no doubt as to their expert craftsmanship.

Indeed, there’s no better way to start the New Year than with the gift of new partnerships. This collaboration between the renowned jewellers from Reading and these top world-quality brands is a perfect opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

About Jacobs the Jewellers

Jacobs the Jewellers is an award-winning luxury independent jewellery and watch shop. This family-run business is proudly owned currently by the third generation since its establishment some 70 years ago. They had been voted as the best national retailer in 2015 by the National Association of Jewellers, and were peer-voted as one of the UK’s top 50 Inspiring Independent Jewellery Shops for 2016.