Jacobs’ 70th anniversary celebration is centred on raising funds for the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity. One of the activities that many would look forward is the quarterly raffle, supported by local Reading businesses. It was drawn on the 6th of April by Ian Thomson, Director of Royal Berk Charity, and Adrienne Jacobs, Co-owner of Jacobs the Jewellers.


The April basket was brimming with gifts from sponsors such as the Botanist, Workhouse Coffee, Eyesite, FOPE, Bigli, Eclectic Games, Purple Turtle, Malmaison and Frosts.


Individual raffle tickets are available to buy in store wherein the proceeds will go to the much-loved Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity. The unique mix of gifts from this independent jewellers in Reading along with local businesses and partners definitely showcases the values of the community.


Everyone can still get a chance to bag the next gift hamper. So, join in between April and June for the July 2018 raffle draw: you could be the lucky winner of a unique gift basket.


About the Fundraising Initiative from Reading Jewellers


The essence of the year-long anniversary festivities lies on the fundraising initiative for the Berkshire Cancer Centre at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity. Specifically, this is to purchase a Surface Guided Radiotherapy, so cancer treatment is quicker and better. With so many fun-filled activities where anyone can participate in throughout the 70th anniversary year, the goal indeed will be achieved. 


As of today, the donations amounted to over £4,000, which is 5% of £70,000. Directly donating to the cause can be efficiently and securely done via the JustGiving page. The funds will be sent straight towards the charity and donor’s details are safe.


Breathtaking Skydive for a Cause: Featuring Jacobs Jumpers  


The bright, blue sky last April 22nd is definitely a perfect time for skydiving. So, Jacobs Jumpers team skydived on that day at Chiltern Park Aerodrome to help raise funds for the local NHS trust. Their brave act certainly made an impact on the people around them and of course, to the charity itself. So, here’s the Jacobs Jumpers team:

  • Adam Jacobs of Jacobs the Jewellers
  • Jon + Ali Berman
  • Rory Paxton
  • Steve McManus, CEO, Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


These team of five has one goal in mind, that is, to help in the fundraising initiative spearheaded by the Reading jewellery shop. Amidst the dread, Jacobs Jumpers faced the challenge and were able to complete the fantastic jump.


Don’t forget to check the video of their skydiving.




Don’t Miss Jacobs’ Celebratory Fundraising Events


The second quarter of 2018 is filled with excitement for Reading jewellers. There are definitely many extraordinary events from Jacobs the Jewellers to raise funds for the local NHS trust.


The wide array of activities that the notable Reading jewellery shop planned out throughout the year gives everyone different options on how to support the charity. You can see the full list here.


For press enquiries/interviews please contact:


Adam Jacobs, Co-owner

Jacobs the Jewellers

25, King St | Reading | 011 8 959 0790 | adam.jacobs@jacobsthejewellers.com