For a gemstone that has the same colour as the sea, it’s no wonder that gazing upon an aquamarine brings the same calming effect one can get as if staring at the ocean waves. Jewellers in Reading  and Berkshire take a close look at aquamarine as one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Not only has it distinguished itself amongst other jewels because of its blue hue, but also for its qualities that make it the perfect gem for March birthday celebrants and brides. 

Jewellers in Reading Carve Aquamarine Stones in Jewellery Pieces

The Sailor’s Stone 

Derived from the Latin words “aqua” (water) and “mare” (sea), the gemstone was said to have been originated from a treasure chest of fabulous mermaids. Since then, aquamarine has been used as a lucky stone for sailors. It was even believed that the gemstone can work its magic better when placed in water bathed in sunlight, and will grant sailors protection against foes at sea and a quicker intellect. 

Immaculately Blue 

Whilst the colour blue is often associated with the gemstone, you may be surprised to know that aquamarine is actually related to the green emerald, both being in the beryl family. The presence of iron gives the gemstone its colour, which may range from a pale blue to an intense sea-blue. Aside from its eye-catching hue, what distinguishes aquamarine from the other gemstones of the beryl family is its magnificent shine and transparency, making it a popular choice for most people. 

In fact, gemstone designers consider aquamarine as one of their most favourite gemstones to work with. Though numerous cuts have been introduced in the market, they are still surprised at how many more artistic cuts they can make with the gem. This versatile quality of aquamarine make for eye-catching jewellery pieces. 

The Best Stone for Married Couples 

Women everywhere are in love with the light blue shade of aquamarine, since it complements almost any skin tone and eye colour. If you’re looking for a great gift for a March birthday celebrant or a surprise for your 19th wedding anniversary, aquamarine jewellery pieces will definitely bring a smile to a person’s face. 

Aquamarine, however, is perhaps the best gemstone for soon-to-be-wed couples, as tradition dictates that this stone promises a happy marriage and guarantees wealth and joy to the wearer. Its immaculately blue hue engenders positive feelings of sympathy, trust, and harmony for couples, values that encourages a long-lasting relationship. 

Shimmering and alluring, aquamarine is one gemstone that women find as irresistible as the sea. Make this month more memorable by giving a gift of aquamarine jewellery pieces available from trusted independent jewellers in Reading: Jacobs the Jewellers. 


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