A diamond is forever, or so they say. Since the 1940s, diamonds have become the customary wedding ring gemstones for couples who want to seal their vows with something extra special on their big day. Whilst it is true that nothing quite surpasses a quality diamond’s regal brilliance, there are other alternatives that are just as beautiful. If your bride is not much of a stickler for tradition, profess your eternal love and devotion instead with a non-diamond wedding ring from jewellery shops in Reading.

Wedding ring gemstones

Here is a look at non-traditional wedding ring gemstones worth considering.


Peridot is a yellowish-green precious stone that was once favoured by ancient civilisations for its exquisite beauty. The Egyptians have been wearing peridot jewellery as early as the 2nd millennium B.C., and the ancient Romans even called it “the emerald of the evening” for its radiant green glow that remains unaltered in any light.

Peridot is also the perfect wedding ring gem if your fiancée was born in August. With shades that range from light pistachio to deep olive green, peridot catches the sunlight quite beautifully and goes well with any light summer clothing. Above all, peridot symbolises healing, power, and life’s wonderful moments.


September’s birthstone, sapphire, is another precious gem that makes an excellent alternative to diamonds. British monarchy’s very own Prince William made headlines when the diamond-encrusted blue sapphire ring that once belonged to his mother, the late Princess Diana, was placed on the finger of his then-fiancée and now wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The deep celestial blue of this gemstone is thought to symbolise strength, kindness, and good judgement, virtues that augur well for any marriage.


Amethyst’s distinct shades of lilac, violet, and reddish or brown purple are easily its most striking feature. A purple gemstone generally symbolises higher thoughts and spiritual love, particularly if the wearer is a woman. Since ancient Roman times, amethyst has been designated the birthstone for February and used to ward of the temptations of Bacchus, the god of wine. Amethyst is also said to give the wearer peace of mind, quick wits, and clear-headedness.

Indeed, wedding rings need not be confined to one type of gem alone. Trusted jewellery stores such as Jacobs offer a collection of exquisite wedding rings in Reading as well as bespoke design services that perfectly capture your personal style.


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