So, it is fair to say that second-hand jewellery can hold just as much splendour as newer pieces. It can also be an excellent investment in today’s times of economic uncertainty. Not only in the UK but all over the world, people are buying pre-owned jewellery items because they offer some unusual and not often seen styles.


But, why would you consider buying pre-loved jewellery in the first place? Discover more on this blog about finding second-hand jewellery pieces bearing the best quality.


Facts to Know Before Buying about Pre-Loved Jewellery


Authentic, second-hand jewellery pieces are not just adornments used for flaunting one’s status; these can define a wearer’s personality.


Most of these commissioned pieces possess high-quality workmanship with great attention to detail. This can be especially true for classic, antique, and vintage products. And often, these kinds of custom-made antique rings, necklaces, and brooches have a higher value, depending on condition and provenance.


So, if you are interested in acquiring one second-hand jewellery, then it is important to consider these factors first.


Gemstone Carats


Most pre-owned pieces have gemstones which are quite difficult to grade for novice jewellers. That is why it is essential to look for items from experienced Reading jewellery shops and ask their opinion on the piece [Diamondere].




It is quite tempting to choose the most elegant, classic necklace or ring you can find. But, the metalwork’s quality and condition largely depend on how well kept these items were. So, it may not be up to par with what you would expect.


Genuine Pieces


Vintage rings, earrings, and other finest pieces are often valuable. Some high-quality replicas are being marketed as a part of an old or vintage collection. So, investigate the provenance from a trusted shop before buying an expensive piece.


Absolutely Stunning Second-hand Jewellery


Indeed, finding the perfect accessory for your attire can be a daunting task. But, for those who are adamant in wearing an exceptional ring or necklace, consider these three peerless examples of fine jewellery.


Mesmerising Pearl, Ruby, and Diamond Pendant

Second Hand Pearl, Ruby + Diamond Pendant


This second-hand pearl, ruby, and diamond pendant is a fine necklace bearing a classical style. The piece has a rosette setting with a prominent pearl as a centrepiece. Sixteen cut rubies surround the centre.


Several, finely cut diamonds adorn the sides of the piece; which further enhances its beauty. This is an excellent pendant to wear for black tie parties and gala events. It will surely be an eye-catching piece.


Mysterious Jade and Diamond Brooch

Second Hand Platinum Jade + Diamond Brooch


A lovely semi-precious gemstone is clearly the highlight of this second-hand platinum jade and diamond brooch. Brilliant cut diamonds arranged in a floral setting further emphasises the jade’s deep green colour.


This is a versatile accessory which goes well with almost any attire. Owners can wear this with casual, semi-formal, and formal dresses yet still look quite stunning without being out of place.


Magnificent Diamond Platinum Ring

Second Hand Platinum Oval Diamond Ring


Very few pieces of jewellery can be compared to this second-hand platinum oval diamond ring. With its brilliant cut diamond centrepiece, claw setting, and split shouldered diamond set band; it truly stands out in a crowd. This is the perfect item to wear during high profile events.


Ask an Expert Jeweller When Buying Second-hand Jewellery


It is enticing to buy second-hand jewellery especially when its classic design catches your interest. But, there are many pitfalls and factors to consider before acquiring one. So, if you are not well-versed in choosing pre-owned pieces, then it would be best to ask the opinion of an expert jeweller.


Visit a trusted independent jewellery shop in Reading today and look for the finest selection of authentic, high-quality, pre-loved jewellery collection.




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