Upon first glance, one would immediately be enraptured by the cool and calming appearance of the aquamarine. This gemstone might even bring back memories of the sea with its rich blue-green colour. Truly, the soothing beauty of aquamarine is a welcome sight for stylish jewellery pieces.

Belonging to the same family as emeralds, aquamarine comes in a greenish blue hue, though it can be treated with heat to yield a more bluish appearance. Though this gemstone is more popular as the gemstone for March birthday celebrants, aquamarine is also the perfect gemstone that can enhance the happiness of a marriage.

With a tranquil appearance that holds timeless appeal, time and again aquamarine has found a special place in specific parts of history.

Of the Sea

The name “aquamarine” comes from two Latin words that means “sea water”, owing to how its appearance is like that of the sea. In the past, this gemstone was worn by sailors, believing that it can calm the waves and keep sailors safe at sea.

With its serene colour, aquamarine is also said to cool a person’s temper and keep them calm. Ancient Romans, in particular, believed that carving a frog into a piece of aquamarine jewellery could reconcile difference between enemies and turn them into friends.

Various Uses for Aquamarine

Apart from being a lucky charm, aquamarine is also seen as an antidote and cure during the Middle Ages. Ancient medicine would often use the powder from aquamarine as a cure for all manners of infection, particularly for eye ailments. Many people during the Middle Ages, on the other hand, believed that simply wearing aquamarine is already an antidote against poison.

Apart from being a cure, aquamarine is widely used as a symbol in Tarot. For some people, this gem can aid in meditation and can effectively align the spiritual and the physical. If you’re someone in need of inner tranquillity, aquamarine might be the perfect gemstone for you.

A Symbol of Love and Unity

Aquamarine has long been gifted to married couples as a symbol of unity and love. Romans, for instance, believe that aquamarine can absorb the atmosphere of young love. Some would even say that this gem can rekindle the love between two people.

Today, aquamarine remains the perfect gift, particularly as jewellery. Find the perfect jewellery piece with this stunning gemstone by visiting an expert jeweller in Reading, like those from Jacobs.


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