We've been looking after our clients here at our independent jewellery shop in Reading for over 75 years. In that time lots of styles have come and gone, so we thought it'd be handy to share what we're finding is popular in an engagement ring right now.

Solitaire, or single gemstone engagement rings, are still our #1 best seller. They're timeless and appear never to go out of fashion. Typically these tend to be diamond, but quite often blue sapphires, rubies and every now and again, a pink sapphire, teal blue sapphire or something a little different. We have some of these in stock, but often bespoke make. 

The shape of the gem is a key question - historically the round brilliant cut diamond is #1, but of late we're being asked for more oval and pear shaped diamond rings. We carry a range in stock, though very often we're asked for a variation and this is absolutely something we help with. 

Three gems together, or trilogy, rings are also still popular - these can have a coloured gem in the middle, with diamonds on the outside. We've bespoke designed versions of these in reverse too - a diamond in the middle, with coloured sapphires, rubies or other gemstones on the outside. 

Very common now is a full bespoke design - often with larger laboratory grown diamonds in a 'halo' surround - this means a single central diamond with lots of small ones in a frame around it. Of late, laboratory grown coloured diamonds such as pink or blue have been making a splash - these are always bespoke design engagement rings with our in house team.

if you'd like to know more, do contact us.