Winners of the fourth year of the annual Young Designer Competition was announced on the third week of July. Visitors to the store voted for Esme Tanner’s ‘Wiggle necklace’ as the favourite jewellery design. For the preferred silver piece, Takuya Kamiyama’s ‘Pair of Beakers’ captured the hearts of the visitors.


This event lets us reflect on the idea of how designs unfold in the core aesthetics of modern jewellery. One example of design known as Art Moderne gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. It is a decade filled with a fascination for machines and its influence in art and design.


The astonishingly exquisite characteristics of modern jewellery continue to impress until today. So, for the month of August, Reading jewellers will feature pieces that mirror such style. In this blog, you will also discover how you can add a flair of modernity to your jewellery collection.


Alluring Pieces with a Modern Flair from Reading Jewellers


During the 1930s, the landscape of jewellery has changed dramatically. At that time, many women would accessorise themselves to create a refreshing look. What’s more, the influence of Surrealism and Cubist art inspired jewellers to create whimsical designs. Compared to traditional styles where platinum and diamond is used, avant-garde jewellers favoured modernity and streamlined design.


A stark contrast to Art Deco’s focus on bold gemstones, Art Moderne celebrates form which is similar to manufacturing fabrications. Its highly-polished design with delicately balanced geometric shapes is reminiscent to Picasso’s distinct art. Moreover, intricate jewellery forms were made possible in this era due to innovative manufacturing techniques.


Though the Art Moderne decade has since passed, its principles on minimal ornamentation and symmetrical design have stayed in many pieces of jewellery today.


4 Modern Regalias for a Stylish You


Simple yet stunningly luxurious, these eye-catching jewellery collection is truly perfect for a classy and elegant look. Here are some of the strikingly beautiful pieces with a modern glamour:


Georg Jensen Infinity Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen Infinity Silver Bangle


A touch of modernity in your daily wardrobe will never go out of style. This infinity bangle is an outstanding adornment that will bring a whole new look. The classy and chic design is definitely a signature of modern jewellery style.


Georg Jensen Archive Necklace

Georg Jensen Archive Necklace


Art Moderne designers are passionate about making a statement. Bold and skilfully-made pieces such as this necklace that exactly captures the essence of this style. For fashion-conscious wearers, this piece can definitely bring out the best in you.


18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings

18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings


Such impeccably-designed earrings can dazzle the beholder. With its 18ct white gold swirl design with the diamond set, this remarkable jewellery captures the attention.


18ct White Gold Diamond Pendant

18ct White Gold Diamond Pendant


What could be a better piece of modern-inspired jewellery than a pendant as beautiful as this one? The 18ct white gold and diamond set pendant is a magnificent addition to your modern jewellery collection.


Discover the Best Jewellery in Reading Meant for You


Art moderne jewellery was truly inspired by a decade filled with innovation. Jacobs the jewellers have appreciated such a wonderful era and made it a part of its 70th-anniversary celebration. The independent Reading jeweller continues to hold festivities to raise £70,000 for the Royal Berkshire Charity.


So, be part of the celebratory activities and for avant-garde jewellery enthusiast, take the chance to find a modern-inspired jewellery piece in Reading.


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