Even Pliny, a Roman Scholar in 75 AD, marvelled at the semi-precious stone’s flaming fire of burning sulphur and the bright blaze of burning oil. Throughout ancient times, it was heralded to bring good luck, foresight and magic. But, it was until in the 19th century that such gem was associated with bad luck.


Known as the Curse of Spain’s Court, King Alfonso XII of Spain, along with his wife and other members of the family, died mysteriously from a ring given by a countess. Another known story is in Sir Walter Scott’s Anne of Geierstein where an opal hair ornament brought upon the demise of Lady Hermione.


But, Queen Victoria in 1870 begged to differ. She wore opal jewellery and gifted her daughters this semi-precious stone. All her daughters fared well. Together with the discovery of opals in Australia, this fascinating gem has regained its popularity.


Today, some couples are even choosing this gem as a centrepiece for engagement rings. So, we will unravel the splendour of opal jewellery and discover how it earned the name “Light of the World”.


Fall in Love this October with Vibrant Opal Jewellery


Gazing at an opal is such a spectral delight for jewellery enthusiasts. Its iridescence is a lovely reflection of the fiery Autumn season. No wonder, it is the most appropriate birthstone for October.


Though the semi-precious gem is delicate and soft, jewellers continue to create stunning pieces to bring out its unsurpassed gleam. Moreover, no two opals look alike. Each opal has its own one-of-a-kind flash of colours and even patterns. The ethereal glow it radiates made many poets name it as the “Light of the World”.


With its extraordinary and colourful brilliance, an opal engagement ring is a wonderful way to celebrate a couple’s special love story. So, discover some of the enchanting opal jewellery in Reading jewellery shops.


Let the Romance Unfold with these Three Opal Jewels


Opal jewellery is truly exceptional pieces due to its differing patterns of colours and radiance. Here is some stunning jewellery that are impeccable keepsakes of a romantic October:


18ct Yellow Gold Opal + Diamond Pendant

18ct Yellow Gold Opal + Diamond pendant


A 1.06ct opal with diamonds, this 18ct yellow gold hallmarked pendant is a splendid accessory for an exquisite look. The subtle yellows of the opal centrepiece make it a splendid jewellery.


18ct Yellow Gold Opal Pendant

18ct yellow gold opal pendant


Simple yet celestial are the perfect words to describe this pendant. With an opal centrepiece set in an 18ct yellow gold four claws, the Elysian beauty of this piece is marvellous.


18ct Yellow Gold Opal Earrings

18ct Yellow Gold Opal Earrings


Pleasing to the eyes of the beholder, this dazzling pair of stud earrings is a wonderful accent befitting to wear in many occasions.  The pear-shaped opal with butterfly fittings of the jewellery makes it an eye-catching adornment.


Look for the Best Opal Jewellery from Reading Jewellers


Phenomenal allure is one of the best defining characteristics of an opal. Its inimitable quality makes every jewellery remarkable. Jewellery enthusiasts will find that such marvellous pieces are outstanding mementoes of love and passion.


So, find the opal jewellery that resonates deeply with you at Reading jewellery shops.




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