Engagement rings symbolise one’s commitment in a relationship. When this commitment is clear and mutual, it promotes a sense of security and secures the future of the relationship. It also signifies that the woman is no longer available for courting.


Romans were the first to bring the tradition of engagement rings. However, it was of ancient Egyptian custom to wear the rings on the left ring finger. It was believed that there is a vein in this finger connected directly to the heart. This vein is now known as the Vena Amoris.


The first recorded Diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave the ring to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy. This became a trend for European aristocrats and nobles.


For a very long time, diamond has become a top choice for engagement rings. But, why is it more favoured over other gems for betrothal bands? In this blog, learn why this precious stone became one the most sought-after jewel and the best engagement rings in Berkshire for 2018.


Diamond Engagement Ring as a Symbol of Eternal Love


In 1938, diamonds are becoming popular for engagement rings. But, during the Great Depression, its value collapsed. De Beers’ diamond sales are declining, so extensive efforts were made to make the exquisite stone popular again. And in 1947, the popular slogan “A diamond is forever’ was born.


This elegant and simple line highlighted a diamond’s significance as a symbol of an unbreakable and lasting love which makes it a suitable choice for betrothal bands. However, it is also essential to choose the best shape and design to have that perfect ring.


So, the next section will showcase the top engagement diamond rings style trends in 2018.


5 Breath-Taking Engagement Rings from Reading


With so many lovely diamond rings to choose from, searching for that timeless and spectacular design can be daunting. So, from Reading jewellers, here are the top 5 diamond engagement ring designs in 2018:


Platinum Diamond Halo Ring

Platinum Diamond Halo Ring


Halo rings is a setting where the centrepiece is enclosed by brilliant stones. This stunning ring has a cushion cut diamond centrepiece surrounded by brilliant diamonds. It is a stunningly beautiful piece that perfectly matches an amaranthine love.


Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring

Platinum 0.60ct Solitaire Diamond Ring


Diamond solitaire style, a design favoured by many. Straightforward, simple, yet this ring exudes class and magnificence. Definitely, it is a timeless piece that will never fade for the years to come.


18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Set Ring

18ct yellow gold diamond set ring


Crossed bands are getting popular for 2018. This diamond set emblazoned on a yellow gold crossed bands is a magnificent ring to present during an engagement proposal.


Platinum Three Diamond Ring

Platinum Three Diamond Ring


The three diamonds in this ring represent the past, present, and future. The heart-warming symbolism for this piece is perfectly complemented by its simple yet exquisite band.


Platinum Diamond Cluster Ring

Platinum 0.75ct Nine Diamond Flower Cluster Ring


This diamond cluster ring was intricately and delicately arranged to create a symmetrical pointed petal shape. A breath-taking piece such as this jewellery is one of the finest choices for a betrothal ring.


Express Your Love to a New High with Engagement Rings from Berkshire


An engagement ring is a symbol of trust and commitment to a partner. It takes patience and time to find the best which impeccably reflects one’s promise of love. Diamonds rose to prominence as it signifies resilience and beauty as time goes by. So, find the best diamond engagement ring from Berkshire jewellers today to get ready for the much-awaited proposal.




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