As time goes by, it’s important to keep up to date with the value of your jewellery in case you have the misfortune to lose or damage it - read more about jewellery valuation services at Jacobs, trusted and expert Reading jewellers.


Key Benefits of Having a Jewellery Valuation


Exquisite jewellery pieces are made of precious metals such as gold or platinum and often set with rare gemstones like diamonds. Metals and gemstones are affected by scarcity, exchange rates or international commodity prices so, it comes to no surprise that the value of these pieces change over time. Check out your insurance policy to see if you need to look at your jewellery specifically.


Getting this jewellery independently appraised by a trusted jeweller specifically for insurance will determine an item’s specific value. This is useful if you would want or need your item to be qualified for jewellery insurance. So, in the event of loss, the insurance company can cover you based on the professionally drawn up document.


In other cases, having a jewellery valuation for Probate may help comply with Inheritance Tax requirements for estates.


Get the peace of mind as to exactly what you own and know that you’re covered by checking out the finer details of your policy then let us guide you as to the right valuation needs.


Preparing for a Jewellery Insurance Valuation


A jewellery piece’s financial value is often interpreted differently by many jewellers. And, there are some inexperienced jewellery appraisers who would either undervalue or overvalue your piece, both of which have consequences for you.


That is why it would be best to ask if the jewellery shop if they use registered members (MIRVs) or fellows (FIRVs) of the Institute of Registered Valuers. They are qualified to precisely identify and accurately measure a piece’s value with rigorous training and experience requirements. This will ensure that your jewellery piece’s value is the correct and the report to the highest standard.


So, if you would like to schedule a jewellery valuation appointment then read our specific valuations page for detail about how to prepare and the next dates:


Arrange a Specialist Valuation for Your Priceless Jewellery Pieces


Jewellery purchases, gifts, and family heirlooms are highly valuable pieces. So, it is highly recommended that you check your insurance policy to see if you need specific valuations for selected jewellery and make certain you are given written proof of its current value.


Contact a trusted Reading jewellery shop and have your jewellery evaluated today.




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