Jewellery Concierge Service

Jacobs’ personal jewellery concierge

If you're looking for a piece of special jewellery, it has to feel unique to you. To make that all-important selection, it can make a big difference to have a jewellery concierge who can cater to your specific, personal needs. At Jacobs, we offer that specialist jewellery and ring concierge service to customers who need that bespoke attention.

Our team of experts will take time to understand your needs, assess what you want and make informed, appropriate suggestions for your treasured purchase.

Jewellery Concierge

Personalised jewellery concierge shopping experience

As a long-established and trusted Berkshire jewellers, we make sure every customer has a personalised experience. For customers who want tailored advice on buying a piece of jewellery, or want to ask a seasoned expert for their honest recommendations, Jacobs’ jewellers provide a ring concierge experience for whoever needs it.
Whether it's in person, one-to-one video consultation or simply browsing our website, our jewellery concierge service is here to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
Drop us a line for one of our jewellery specialists to discuss your brief and suggest options based on your unique needs.


How our jewellery concierge service works

You will be allocated a personal and dedicated member of the team. They will receive your jewellery brief and be assigned to you as your jewellery concierge from enquiry through to purchase and aftercare.
They start by taking all your details - what style of jewellery you’re looking for, any preferred metals, precious gemstones, designers or other personal details, and they will put together a bespoke selection of items.
If you’re visiting the shop in person, these items will be ready to view on your arrival. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to start your jewellery journey remotely, our ring concierge will assemble some pictures or videos of items that suit your brief and will email them to you quickly and efficiently. The jewellery concierge service is there not only to prepare jewellery options, but to answer any questions that arise on any of the items they recommend.
No matter your need or query, you can depend on us to advise quickly and courteously to refine the selection and find the best piece of jewellery or ring for you.
Many clients ask us to deliver to them; others use this remote jewellery concierge service to hone their options to make their time in-store that much more efficient.
Whatever suits you! Contact us with your jewellery or ring concierge brief - we look forward to helping.


Benefits of our jewellery concierge service

From earrings to pearls, necklaces and pendants, Jacobs’ jewellery concierge will help you find the perfect jewellery accessory for any occasion.
Firstly, you’ll enjoy a dedicated team member’s expertise and experience to draw on in finding that perfect jewellery item for an event, work, or everyday use.
Another benefit is we get to know you and your needs in a deeper way than your high street chain salesperson ever could. Jewellery concierges at Jacobs are not just trained to offer skill, insight and qualified recommendations on precious stones and quality jewellery. We also place a high value on customer service.
If you come in for a ring concierge appointment, you’ll benefit from a genuinely personal touch, where we aim to understand your motivations and preferences - a level of service that make your purchase exactly right for you.
Lastly, you don’t have to travel far. Whether you come into the store to see us, or contact a ring concierge over the phone, we’re happy to offer a delivery service to safely and securely send your chosen item straight to your door. 

Ring concierge for the perfect fit

Our ring concierge service makes it easier for you to find that perfect ring.
Looking for an exquisite dress ring or flawless coloured gemstone? Or maybe you need help in choosing a sentimental engagement ring or an astonishing wedding ring?
We’ve got just what you need!
With an intimate knowledge of jewellery styles, trends and different options, our ring concierge will ask you just the right questions to aid in narrowing down your all-important choice.
For that extra special touch, you may decide to use our bespoke handmade jewellery design service or ring engraving for unique personalisation.


What does our jewellery concierge service look like?

Here is an example of a client design sheet after a brief was taken from their dedicated team member.
As you can see we give a wide range of designs styles and prices for you to choose from and make sure to include as much detail of each piece as possible.
We endeavour to have all designs available for your viewing at a time that suits you; making sure to include VAT and presentation boxes so there are no extra surprises.

Exclusive jewellery concierge opening hours

We understand that everyone's schedule is different, which is why we offer exclusive appointments during opening hours. One-to-one appointments or video consultation are agreed in advance so that everyone can benefit from our jewellery concierge services.
Connect with us in whatever way suits you: via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or even our website chat, and make an advance appointment to visit us.
Alternatively, email to book your video consultation with us, so we can help you find the perfect piece without you having to lift a finger. 

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