Many of our customers ask about the provenance + sustainability of our jewellery and want to understand more about this aspect. To help you, we have a number of articles in our Academy section.


  • Kimberley process
  • Diamond certificates/ Canada

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  • Ethical gold, silver and platinum
  • Diamonds: laboratory grown, natural and imitations
  • Recycled gold + fair trade gold

Our diamonds all subscribe to the Kimberley process and we have worked with trusted suppliers for many years to create our main ranges. For those who would like more reassurance and provenance, we can help.

Delving deeper, the ethics of jewellery can be approached in many ways and on a variety of levels. Where are the gold and diamonds from are good starter questions. We start further back in the question: would you consider a second hand piece of jewellery, antique or modern? Many consider this kind of ‘upcycling’ is the most responsible method of choosing jewellery. However as with many issues, there may be subtler and more complex choices in mind.

If you can’t find exactly what you like pre-owned, then it’s possible to create a new design using:

  • your recycled jewellery
  • recycled gold or gemstones from our stock
  • combinations of recycled with new
  • Fair trade gold on certain items
  • Laboratory (lab) grown diamonds

Because this type of jewellery requires quite specialised advice, we recommend contacting us for your enquiry so that we can help you find your ideal match. We have a dedicated team member to help you.

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