Reasons To Buy Carbon Fibre Wedding Rings

Reasons To Buy Carbon Fibre Wedding Rings

Carbon fibre is made from carbon atoms woven together with a plastic resin to form very fine, but strong sheets that are then cut, shaped and moulded to form whatever it is that is being made. Developed mainly for the aerospace and automotive industry, more and more uses for carbon fibre are becoming commonplace. One growing area for carbon fibre is within the jewellery industry and there are many upsides to choosing carbon fibre as the material for making of a ring. These include;

- Carbon fibre rings are lightweight. 12 times lighter than gold rings of identical size, and 3 times lighter than titanium.
- Carbon rings are strong yet durable.
- Carbon fibre rings are hypoallergenic. If you have allergies to metal you won't have any problems with carbon fibre.
- Scuffs can be polished out easily.
- Carbon fibre filament can be woven in unique ways allowing for a multitude of aesthetic options.
- Carbon Fibre rings are less expensive than their precious metal equivalents.

A interesting fact about carbon fibre is that during the production the carbon fibre is put into an epoxy resin to really hold the carbon fibre together and after that process the carbon ring is put into an oven, hence carbon fibre can be viewed as incredible strong.

It is worth noting that carbon fibre rings are sold to fit and cannot be resized once purchased.

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