Eternity ring considerations

Eternity ring considerations

Typically an eternity ring is a band of diamonds set into a straight band that is usually worn alongside an engagement ring or wedding band. A 'full eternity' is continuous circle of diamonds representing eternity though there are 'half eternities' made which, surprisingly, are a half band.  There are numerous different styles, shapes and designs.  A channel setting is a preferred option for many as the sides of the diamonds are protected by a border of precious metal which sits well against existing rings. Claw set eternity rings give a more impactful sparkle and daintier overall look however are less protected from accidental impacts.

It is worth noting that all jewellery settings will likely require repair work during their lifetime.  Precious metal wears down as worn and therefore settings will need to be built up to ensure the security of any gemstones.

Benefits of a half set band:-

The underside of the ring has space for size adjustments in the future.

Providing the ring size is correct, the risk of damage to the diamonds from accidental knocks is minimised.

The cost of a half band versus a full band is less, as there are less gemstones.

Benefits of a full set band:-

Even if the band spins on the finger, the gemstones will always be visible.

Things to consider when choosing an eternity ring.

Should I consider a more protected channel set ring owing to an active lifestyle or manual job?

Would I benefit from a half set band as my hands may change shape and size in the future?

What style of ring will compliment, and sit well with my existing rings?

Would I like to match the shape of gemstones to my existing jewellery, or go with another cut as a contrast?

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