Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds

Not all diamonds are the same: colour, clarity and cut all make a diamond as unique as a snow flake, however have you heard of coloured diamonds? Not the colour grading of colourless diamonds, but actual fancy colour diamonds.  Curious to know more? Then read on!

 1 in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy colour with the most often occurring of those being yellows and browns, followed by pinks and blues, with the rarest being red, green, purple and orange.

So how do coloured diamonds occur?

Every diamond requires billions of carbon atoms to bond and all of those atoms must be carbon to create a colourless diamond. The slightest quirk creates a coloured diamond: a bit of boron makes a blue diamond; nitrogen makes a yellow diamond; natural radiation from nearby rocks trap electrons to create a green surface colour; pink or red shades are thought to be due to changes to the electron structure during the voyage to the surface. All of these factors contribute to a diamond going from colourless to a fancy coloured.


How much are fancy coloured diamonds?

 Price for fancy diamonds is affected by a multitude of different factors; rarity, size of gemstone, consistency of hue through the gemstone and vividness of colour. As an example, a paler toned yellow diamond is less per carat than a more vivid pink diamond. We’ve made yellow, pink and blue diamond jewellery for clients over our 70 year history.


Why buy a coloured diamond?

Put simply rarity and personal preference are the key determining factors. As we mentioned earlier all diamonds are like snowflakes, each one as unique as the next, though if you are interested in having something rare that you can talk about if asked then why not consider a coloured diamond?


Here at Jacobs we both stock and source coloured diamonds to match specific requests. Whether you want a pendant, earrings, ring or bracelet, we’d love to help you out. We are also able to source loose diamonds so that if you wish to match existing jewellery we can help.


If you'd like to know more, or would like us to help you with an enquiry, do make contact.

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